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"The Intrinsic Core" - Using the Soft Gym Overball

Minneapolis, MN - Physical Therapist and author of The Intrinsic Core, Caroline Creager addresses core exercises that can be made more efficient by using a simple ball. From abdominals to back, pelvic floor to diaphragm- this book describes many different workouts for the various areas of the body.

Exercising with the inflatable Soft Gym Overball (sometimes referred to as a Pilates' ball) helps you focus on your core muscles, facilitates correct positioning and muscle activation, and adds an instability challenge. Over 40 exercises can be found in this 80-page book, including:

  • Basic Core Stretches
  • Rotator Cuff Rotation
  • Back Stabilizers
  • Hip Twist
  • Side Bridges
  • Squats

The small ball used in these exercises (the Soft Gym Overball) is 9 inches in diameter and has a soft, easy-grip texture. These balls are great for Pilates, resistance training, shoulder stabilization, etc.

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