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An Integrated Approach to the Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbopelvic-hip Region

product - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Essential info for treatment of back, pelvic and hip pain

Internationally respected clinicians, Diane Lee PT and Linda-Joy Lee PT, present up-to-date evidence-based information on the assessment, treatment and exercises needed to treat disorders of the lumbopelvic region. This DVD set combines short lectures, full motion video demonstrations, and complete descriptions of techniques and exercises.

Latest research applied

Assessment covers analysis of the joint system, myofascial system, motor control, and functional load transfer through the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip.

Treatment techniques include passive joint mobilizations, joint manipulations, restoring form/ force closures as well as active mobilization techniques restore movement and correct alignment. Find out when and how to use Sacroiliac belts, The Compressor Belt, and taping techniques.

Exercise rehabilitation program for stabilization and restoration of motor control includes the exercises needed to progress a patient from early rehab into full functional activities.

Specific sections include: co-contraction training, neutral spine with loading, functional integration, proprioceptive challenges, strength training and stretching for the global muscle system. The section on local "core" muscle retraining incorporates the latest techniques and "Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging" to illustrate how to retrain these important muscles.

Visual format saves time!

The new DVD set covers 4.5 hours of material in an easily accessible format. It provides a unique integration of the latest research with computer images and video demonstrations to illustrate how to apply the research in day-to-day clinical practice. Essential for rehab practitioners working with patients with back, pelvic or hip pain. This DVD set will prove to be an invaluable resource, providing all components necessary for optimal function of the lumbopelvic-hip region.

This multimedia program is a companion to the 3rd edition of the book, The Pelvic Girdle, by Diane Lee and replaces the Pelvic Impairment Video series.

Sample Video clips from the DVD can be viewed at

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