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Cryopak Flexible Ice™ Sheet

 Cryopak Flexible Ice Sheet - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Afforable Ice Pack

Cryopak Flexible Ice Sheet contains rows of small, nontoxic gel cells that can be cut into desired sizes for cold therapy. These inexpensive sheets are convenient to give to patients for continued use.

Functional Cold Therapy

Each Cryopak Flexible Ice Sheet measures 4 cells by 12 cells. Each sheet is designed to be a flexible, sizeable, uniform ice pack for first-aid use.

Its unique patented design allows for flexiblity when wrapping the ice sheet around various body parts. The ice sheet can be used in the clinic or on the field after a sports injury. Simply cut the sheet between the cells to create the appropriate size and shape needed. Customized ice packs fit correctly, providing a cooling effect more efficiently to the injured area.

Cryopak's uniform cell size was determined to give the optimal compression with consistent coverage. Each cell is approximately 1" by 1 1/2" making it a versatile tool for ice therapy. The nontoxic gel inside provides a more consistent cooling temperature for a longer period of time compared to plain ice.

Versatile Design for Multiple Use

Cryopak Flexible Ice Sheet is a versatile ice pack that can be used daily with proper care. Each sheet can be custom cut to fit the injured area. The Cryopak Flexible Ice Sheet is an affordable product that rehab therapists, athletic trainers or nurses can provide to their patients to increase the healing process.

This product is non-returnable.

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