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Why You Should Care About Prebiotics (Part 2)
In my last article [January
2018], I discussed the concept of prebiotics (also known as microfood, as a way to avoid the consumer confusion that can occur between the terms probiotic and prebiotic) and began exploring the literature supporting the health benefits of prebiotic soluble fiber.

Continuing the Conversation: Waist Circumference, Weight Loss & Food Choices
In part
one of this article, I discussed how the utilization of measuring a patient's waist circumference (WC) becomes a valuable anthropometric measurement to gauge health risk. Now  I'll discuss the clinical approach to reducing WC and implementation your practice.

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Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Home-Study Course® (26 CEs includes a Free 6 CE Ethics Course)

Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Home-Study Course - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Special Price: Regularly 288 ... Now just $248

Designed for the professional, passionate therapist, Dalton's beautifully produced home-study course incorporates seventy-six innovative deep tissue, assisted stretching, joint mobilization, and muscle strengthening techniques. This stunning 5-piece package includes: three hours of broadcast quality video (DVD or VHS), Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques textbook, multiple-choice test, free home-study ethics course, and upon program completion, a handsome "Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist" diploma.

Follow Dalton through his very popular "Dirty-Dozen" cervicothoracic routines, Myoskeletal Zone Therapy for twisted diaphragms and Advanced Receptor Techniques for complex upper quadrant pain. Learn immediately applicable deep tissue techniques for clients suffering neck, scapula, back, and visceral pain. Special dissection video, computer animation, and lively demos help therapists determine if pain originates from muscles, ligaments, joint capsules, or nerve impingement. Learn practical assessment and corrections for conditions such as:

  • Neck "Cricks"
  • Head and Rib Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Dowager's Hump
  • Sports Injuries
  • Hiatal Hernias
  • Thoracic Outlet
  • Scoliosis

Erik Dalton's structurally-oriented pain management home-study program is presented clearly, concisely and systematically for easy integration into the working massage therapist's daily practice. The Advanced Myoskeletal Home-Study and Free 6 CE home-study Ethics Course are approved for 26 CE Hours by NCBTMB (157429), AMTA, Florida Board of Health (MCE-249), and most state certifying agencies.

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