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Thera-Band Introduces New Latex-Free Professional Resistance Bands

Performance Health / Hygenic Corporation announces the introduction of new and improved Thera-Band(R) Latex-Free Professional Resistance Bands. Engineered to match the performance and resistance of the market-leading Thera-Band Latex Professional Resistance Bands, this new and improved latex-free product provides the perfect complement. Now patients and practitioners can rely on one system of trusted progression and resistance from Thera-Band - market-leading latex bands, new and improved latex-free bands, or both -- to best meet their in-clinic and at-home needs.

The availability of latex-free therapy products has become more important as the reporting of allergic reactions to latex has increased in the past six years. The increased numbers of latex-allergic individuals have prompted the establishment of guidelines for patient care and the health care provider. Frequent users of latex products may develop allergies to latex proteins, with resulting allergic reactions varying from mild to life-threatening.1 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 8% to 12% percent of health care workers regularly exposed to latex are sensitized.2

"We are very pleased to be able to offer a complete line of latex-free professional resistance bands that follow the same Thera-Band System of Trusted Progression that has been used in the industry for over 30 year," said Jenn Bloomhuff, product manager for Performance Health / Hygenic Corporation. "The new latex-free professional resistance bands meet the needs of patients and practitioners with latex allergies, and are the best option for hospitals and facilities with a no-latex policy. These new latex-free resistance bands were developed to match the pull forces of the Thera-Band Latex Professional Resistance Bands, and are scent and powder free."


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Source: Hygenic Corporation

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