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Fresh Look Website Delivers on Function, too!

Fresh Look Website - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark December 2005 - OPTP announces the launch of its completely redesigned Website! With a fresh new look, and increased function, the new site features state-of-the-art programming for quick and easy navigation and check-out. (Professionals! Be sure to log-in to receive correct pricing.) Plus, with printable newsletter and catalog page PDF's, downloadable DVD clips, and a frequently updated 'What's New' section - this site is a highly user-friendly information source. As always, all products are listed with clear photos and informative descriptions to aid the user during the purchase process.

This new site also features one of the quickest, most efficient methods for re-orders- the OPTP 'Favorites' folder. The Favorites folder allows, logged-in, on-the-go users to conveniently save the products they order most in OPTP's system for click-of-a-mouse re-orders. (No need to waste time browsing the site for the same products over and over!)

For more information, visit us online at, or call (800) 367-7393.


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