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Pilates For Rehab: A Guidebook to Integrating Pilates in Patient Care

Pilates For Rehab - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Clinically Relevant Pilates Methods

Exclusively from OPTP, a text that details exercises that are supported with a clinical foundation of Pilates and rehab by referencing experts such as Diane Lee and Vladimir Janda. Pilates for Rehab is written by authors/practitioners, Elizabeth Smith, PT, ATC, and Kristin Smith, BA, CFT. Together they have combined their hands on rehab, training, lecturing and teaching experience to create a clear guidebook for incorporating Pilates into a rehab program.

Full Adaptation for Specific Diagnosis
A unique attribute of Pilates for Rehab is that it includes clinician tips. These are pieces of advice that will aid the clinician in smoothly transitioning the patient through the various exercises. This text is also a reference guide with detailed instructions and photographs focusing on imagery. These helpful illustrations and photographs highlight the targeted muscle groups making this a tool for knowledge.

Adding Variety
Pilates for Rehab also includes a section on using equipment to enhance or vary the routine. The authors describe exercises with foam rollers, Swiss Balls, and exercise bands, and pair the techniques with clear photographs. Case studies, references, and resources are included throughout this book. This text is softcover, spiral bound, and approximately 200 pages.

    Contains Exercises on:
  • Spinal/Thoracic Flexia
  • Spinal/Thoracic Extension
  • Hips: Joint Mobilization & Muscle Strengthening
  • Torso: Stabilization, Rotation, and Lateral Flexion
  • Upper Extremity: Joint Mobilization & Muscle Strengthening


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