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The Original McKenzie® Self-Inflating AirBack™

Self-Inflating AirBack - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Inflatable Lumbar Support

Correct poor posture that can cause low back pain with The Original McKenzie® Self-Inflating AirBack™. Take lumbar support with you everywhere with the discrete and portable Self-Inflating AirBack. Whether it be for traveling, the movies, dinner, or a sporting event, you'll never be without crucial lumbar support again!

Support Your Spine's Natural Curve

Specialists treating low back pain have discovered that improper sitting positions can cause significant additional disc pressure in the lumbar spine. Research shows that back problems can develop from poor posture, and existing back problems will perpetuate if sitting posture is not improved. For this reason, The Self-Inflating AirBack™ was developed. It not only improves posture, but insures correct and natural positioning of the lower spine while sitting, helping to relieve and often prevent lower back pain. This roll has been perfected through years of research and development, but must be used correctly for optimum results.

Compact and Discrete Support

Never be without low back support again! The Self-Inflating AirBack's sleek design makes it easy to carry, when deflated. It easily self-inflates in seconds with the twist of a valve. To deflate, simply re-open the valve and compress.

Your McKenzie Source

OPTP exclusively carries Robin McKenzie's full line of lumbar support products and educational resources. To see our selection of lumbar supports, cervical rolls, night rolls, and resources such as his ground-breaking text, Treat Your Own Back, visit us at or call (800) 367.7393 to order your free catalog.

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