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AMTA’s Top Consumer Awareness Stories of 2013

2013 marked another very successful year for the American Massage Therapy Association® (AMTA®) as it worked to promote massage therapy and AMTA members to the public.  The year marked the second year of the association’s expansive consumer awareness program (including the AMTA Massage Therapy Tour), which reached hundreds of millions of Americans.

Research Roundups – AMTA distributed two Research Roundups to national and local media in 2013, sharing them also with members and others in the profession. The Roundups or their content were picked up by many major media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!, Reuters, Business Week and business journals in most major cities. These articles reached more than 350 million readers.

AMTA Massage Therapy Tour – The second year of AMTA’s Massage Therapy Tour traveled through the Midwest, South and South Central regions of the country to promote the health benefits of massage.  AMTA volunteers provided sample chair massage, handed out business cards and spoke to tens of thousands of people, while the AMTA van and display became a point of public education at 9 events.

A unique stop of the 2013 Tour was at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, to educate their staff on the health benefits of massage. The event was part of an ongoing wellness program for CDC employees. CDC is instrumental in improving the health of Americans.

Media Relations – AMTA’s proactive media relations program brought AMTA’s messages about massage therapy for health to millions of Americans, with local radio and TV interviews and articles in national publications and on important websites.  Important media pickups included Readers Digest online and information in Arthritis Today and Prevention magazine.

In December, AMTA’s proactive media relations resulted in an online member interview on Huff Post Live and an article in USAToday with collaboration from “The Doctors”  on several health benefits of massage.



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