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MassageBook makes online marketing simple, professional, free


CHARLESTON, S.C. (Feb. 26, 2013) – Massage professionals can easily create a tailored website with high-quality design and built-in capacity to connect to more clients through local search engines and social networks, thanks to a new free web solution from MassageBook.

In just a few simple steps - and for no cost - therapists can boast a professionally designed website with individualized information easily shared on social networks and highly searchable on Google Places, Yahoo, CitySearch, Yelp! and other local sites.

“It really is that easy and we also make it fun,” says MassageBook CEO and founder Mark Volkmann.

Business owners can go to to claim a business listing already on the site (over 46,000 exist currently) and then create a site by adding photos, contact info and service details. 

Individual therapists can create a personal website, including an individual profile with background information on skills, licenses and qualifications.

The application now also allows a business to create a Yelp account and connect its Yelp reviews in one step to display along with the MassageBook business profile.

MassageBook launched the web solution this month and will unveil rapid enhancements and added features every two weeks, including online scheduling.

“I wanted to make it simple for licensed massage therapists to market their skills in a professional way but be able to spend most of their time on what they are really good at – helping their clients feel better,” says Volkmann, a former massage therapist who also founded the industry’s biggest online source for massage and spa products for professionals – – in 1998.

Marketing opportunities online and via social media today are amazing for business owners, but they can also be overwhelming.

Volkmann understands it takes time, energy and experience to turn those marketing prospects into booked clients who keep coming back. That’s what MassageBook is for.

“We give therapists all the online and social media tools they need to showcase their skills and ultimately ‘book’ new clients,” he says. “Then we help manage those clients with a suite of business management and scheduling tools.

“Our mantra is, ‘We succeed when you succeed.’ That’s the point.”

Go to to create a profile and start your new website today.  Also find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.



MassageBook is a simple yet powerful success engine for the massage profession. Its web solution makes it easy for therapists and businesses to create amazingly effective websites, share them on social networks, connect them to local search engines, and do much more to bring clients in and keep them coming back.


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