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By Debbie Roberts, LMT

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Multi-Layered Therapy
  May, 2015 (Vol. 15, Issue 05)
Pes Anserine Tendonitis vs. Medial Meniscal Tear
  April, 2015 (Vol. 15, Issue 04)
Treatment with No Clear Protocol
  February, 2015 (Vol. 15, Issue 02)
Learning a Hands-Free Solution to Fix SI Dysfunction
  December, 2014 (Vol. 14, Issue 12)
Creating Better Performance: Investigating Dysfunction
  October, 2014 (Vol. 14, Issue 10)
Following the Body's Clues
How 29 minutes of massage therapy changed a life.
  July, 2014 (Vol. 14, Issue 07)
Familiar Client, Fresh Perspective
  April, 2014 (Vol. 14, Issue 04)
What Does an MRI Tell the Therapist? A Closer Look at Cervical Pain
  February, 2014 (Vol. 14, Issue 02)
Timing is Everything: Shoulder Instability and Labral Tears
  December, 2013 (Vol. 13, Issue 12)
Training Myths and Young Athletes
  October, 2013 (Vol. 13, Issue 10)
Using My Massage Therapy Skills to Help Save a Career
  July, 2013 (Vol. 13, Issue 07)
The Journey to Find the Cause of a Pain in the Butt
  May, 2013 (Vol. 13, Issue 05)
Achieving More Than Just Working on One Person at a Time
  April, 2013 (Vol. 13, Issue 04)
Following a Road Less Traveled
Finding the cause of chronic shoulder pain where you least expect it.
  February, 2013 (Vol. 13, Issue 02)
Learning to Train the Myofascial System
Understanding Tibial Fractures and Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
  December, 2012 (Vol. 12, Issue 12)
Locomotive Power and Femoroacetabular Impingement
  September, 2012 (Vol. 12, Issue 09)
Five Ways To Create a Winning Relationship With Chiropractors
  July, 2012 (Vol. 12, Issue 07)
A Golfer's Worst Nightmare Rehabilitated Through Massage
  January, 2012 (Vol. 12, Issue 01)
From Stressed Out to Self Care
  December, 2011 (Vol. 11, Issue 12)
Team With Pro Athletes: A Win For Everyone
  July, 2011 (Vol. 11, Issue 07)
Moving Beyond Fibromyalgia
  December, 2010 (Vol. 10, Issue 12)
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