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My View From Here

By Ralph Stephens, BS, LMT, NCTMB

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It's About Health

I went shopping for sheets the other day. I learned a new term, "cotton-rich." It is becoming hard to find what percentage of cotton vs. plastic is in the sheet fabric. While some labels were giving percentages, and a very few were 100% cotton, most were "cotton-rich" or just cotton-blend.

As I shopped, our beloved Congress was voting on a law that would allow food manufacturers to put about anything into our foods and not have to tell us. If companies break the new national "voluntary labeling" law, there are no penalties. However, if some renegade state tries to require better for its citizens – that is illegal and could cut off federal funds. The law will take away from individual states the right to require honest labeling of food, in particular Vermont – bless you VT, you tried. Can't have states rights anymore and can't have one state require higher standards than another. That would be too much trouble for Big Food, Inc. to print honest labels or to make food to higher standards of quality. This revolves around Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO ingredients. Notice they are no longer plants but organisms. Many other countries in the world have banned GMO containing foods while the U.S.A. tries to force "Frankenfoods" down the world's throats. We are to shut-up and consume.

It's About Health - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Our beloved Senators and Representatives are on the take for this, some receiving as much a $2,000,000 from the Agriculture and food lobbies for their campaigns. How do you suppose they voted? Yes, against the will of the majority of citizens. We have the best politicians money can buy and they go to the highest bidder. Congress has the lowest approval ratings imaginable yet people keep re-electing incumbents. "It is all the rest of them. Mine is good." Trust me, yours is on the take, too.

So, what does this have to do with massage? Well, I for one would like to know what is in the sheets I have my patients laying on. I would also like to know what is in the food I eat as I would prefer to eat non-GMO foods. GMO-foods are known by the rest of the civilized world to cause a host of health problems. I suspect they are contributing to soft-tissue conditions as well, visceral-somatic reactions, but that will never be allowed to be researched.

Isn't massage about health? It used to be. Can't have health in general or healthy soft tissue in particular without good nutrition; it's part of the package. Massage used to be a part of the alternative to the sickness industry. Now too many in our profession want to be a part of, integrated with, the third leading cause of death in the U.S.A. (Medical Errors) Do you really think they want us? They ran "manual medicine" out of the system in the 1950's. It is only health problems (sickness, disease, injuries) that make money for our sickness care system, so of course they are all in favor of GMO foods and not very accepting of alternatives to the allopathic system. Causes cancer – great – can't be enough of that, pass the sunscreen. Oh and ban those guns, they don't kill or injure that many people. It's a good distraction to keep people stirred up about regulating guns. Keeps their minds off of the 250,000 people killed each year by medical errors in the U.S. alone. We do not care about life, we care about political agendas. Some lives matter; some lives don't. Some causes of death matter; some causes don't. Massage professionals are better off providing the public - who wants us - with an alternative to the sickness system, which (with a few exceptions scattered about) doesn't want us.

Civic Duty

It's an election year. Things could change. Don't complain about the results if you don't vote. Vote your conscience and feel good about it. But remember, as Mark Twain wrote, "If voting mattered, they wouldn't let us do it." (Not paid for by any political candidate or party...But I approved this message!) Let not your heart be troubled by this election. No matter what the outcome, the world won't end anytime soon and trust me – we'll all go to work the Wednesday after the election just like always (or whatever you do on Wednesdays).

Did You Know?

The Medical Boards were deliberately created to protect physicians from the public by granting them a monopoly and limiting their exposure to liability. The lie is that professional regulation (licensing) is only to protect the public. Had to tell the public that, for their own good, to get the Boards passed and create the public health bureaucracy. Never has the public gone to the legislatures of the various states and demanded a profession be regulated (licensed). It is always the profession that goes to the legislature and begs for a monopoly to be granted by the government and various systems of protection from competition and liability be provided by that monopoly. Together they come up with some excuse, like to protect the public, to justify the monopoly being granted. Lobbyists get their cut, politician's campaigns get contributed to, and the public loses again. The EpiPen price scandal is a result of a government granted monopoly.

Point being – those of you massage therapists in un-licensed states – save yourselves. Do not ask for licensing, go for a Right to Practice Act. You will be so glad in the long run if it is done properly. Licensing has made a lot of money for some sectors of our "industry." It has not improved the quality of massage therapy being provided to the public, quite the opposite. What's more important?  Sadly, it depends. Further, licensing has not protected us from adult entertainment, raised our incomes, or given us more recognition by other professions. Because we did it so wrong and so poorly, it is just a tax on us.

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