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May, 2014, Vol. 14, Issue 05

Are You in a Love-Hate Relationship with Your Business?

By Irene Diamond, RT

When we are in solo-practice, being in a partnership with our business is similar to being in a relationship with a person. At the beginning of starting a business, you are in the honeymoon phase where life is all rosy, warm and loving.

You're super excited to wake up in the morning and get going. You're happy to spend lot's of time and invest tons of energy to create a solid foundation. And, deep down, you have an air of excitement of what's to come from this new developing business, right?

But then, somewhere along the way, you might get a little burnt out and frustrated with the way "they" are acting, disappointed in what "they" are not doing and there are times when we are in such a deep funk that we are ready to throw in the towel. Which phase are you at right now with your business? If you're in the "I'm ready to break up with my business and get a 'REAL' job" phase, I've got a few suggestions for you to consider, before you throw in the towel.

5 Tips To Revive The Romance In Your Business

Remind yourself WHY you started your business in the first place. Was it for more freedom or more income, so you can call your own shots, make your own hours, do things the way you want to do them? Sometimes, when we re-visit the initial reasons we went into business for ourselves, it helps us re-focus. Focus on the good things (not just the bad).

Recognize that in any relationship, it will never be all cake and ice cream. Acknowledge the fact that there will be times when "stuff" doesn't go the way you think it should or want it to go. Focus on the positive aspects of being in business for yourself and weigh out the good and the bad.

Bring Back the Romance

Gather yourself some pretty flowers and place them in your office to perk things up. Invest in a new outfit to wear to work. Buy a new set of fancy sheets or a piece of equipment that will benefit both you and your clients. Gather some of your best clients and ask them to whisper sweet-nothings about how fabulous you are as a therapist in your ear. (Okay, not really but you get my point!) Sometimes just adding a few little touches of newness or goodness will bring back the joy of being in business.

Take Stock

Do a serious inventory (at least once a year) to actually make a conscious decision to stay in the business relationship. Some people in business really should "break up" with their business. I encourage you to not feel as though you need to keep at it just because you started it. If you are feeling like you've created a "job" that causes you more stress, gives you less freedom and lower income when you weigh out how many hours you are working for the revenue it is bringing into your bank account, you may in fact decide this business is not for you (any more).

Recognize it may be time to move on and "see other people." Many relationships end and it is okay. Relationships (businesses) do run their course and sometimes they've been great but the owner simply wants out. Sometimes even the best businesses need to close as they are not fulfilling it's purpose anymore. I think it is important to understand, you are not (nor is it) a failure to end or breakup with your business. Think of all the good times you had together, remember all the people you were able to connect with and be joyful with the way it made your heart feel all pitter-patter in excitement. Those were good times!

(Word of caution: Don't be too quick to end the relationship, as you know the grass may be greener on the other side, but you may have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find a great match.)

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Irene Diamond, RT, is the founder of the rehabilitation technique, Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method and creator of Successful Massage, the world-wide online resource for massage therapists. Irene is honored to be inducted into the Massage World Hall of Fame in 2013 for recognition of and www.SuccessfulMassageTherapist. Irene's next Active Myofascial Therapy seminar will be held August 2012 and therapists can register at You can also find tips from Irene by visiting the Women In Business Blog at


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