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January, 2014, Vol. 14, Issue 01

Have Clients Return When You Give Them the "RW"

By Irene Diamond, RT

One thing that has worked super well for me in growing my practice in a very short time (when I started), was a concept that I was doing unconsciously. I have since recognized what it was I was doing and now call it the "RW."

Applying this concept has also been a game-changer for my coaching clients who incorporate it into their businesses, too.

I encourage you to start using this "RW" concept in your own practice too.

It Works Like This

You simply explain (in easy-to-understand language) why the client needs to see you. When I wanted a client to come in or to return to me for more sessions, I would always give them the RW (Reason Why).

For example: "Mary, I suggest you come back for three more sessions in the next week. That way we can continue where we left off before too much time passes and your condition goes back to how it was. It will also allow you to do the AMT Actions at home so when I see you next week, we can talk about how they are going for you and if need be, we can tweak them."

By simply explaining the reason why she would benefit from seeing me again, at my suggested frequency, she easily saw the purpose of coming in – rather than just thinking it was so I could make more money.

RW - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark When I use the RW, almost 100% of the time the client agrees it is in their best interest to do so.


When you give a RW, it has to be explained in terms of what is for their good, not yours! It's super easy and super effective!


If you don't position your RW for the client correctly, or share the RW to your client at the right time — it can back-fire and they will feel you are being salesey and turn away. What do you think about using the RW concept?

Will that work for you? Are you already doing it? Will you start?

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Irene Diamond, RT, is the founder of the rehabilitation technique, Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method and creator of Successful Massage, the world-wide online resource for massage therapists. Irene is honored to be inducted into the Massage World Hall of Fame in 2013 for recognition of and www.SuccessfulMassageTherapist. Irene's next Active Myofascial Therapy seminar will be held August 2012 and therapists can register at You can also find tips from Irene by visiting the Women In Business Blog at


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