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October, 2013, Vol. 13, Issue 10

Find Success in Mastering the Art of Divine Right Timing

By Sharon Desjarlais, CC and Michele McGrew

Lynn McKenzie recently made more than $43,000 in less than a week. And she credits it largely to the moon. A well-known energy healer, she's been offering individual and group programs for years. Yet she never experienced this much success so quickly.

What shifted? Sure, we helped her craft a great marketing plan. But surprisingly, it had less to do with what she was doing than when she was doing it. Because we also taught Lynn how to use one of the world's most effective energetic barometers – the moon – to add impact to her marketing efforts ... without having to work harder. That's what we call the art of Divine Right Timing. You see, as human beings, we're all naturally affected by the rhythm of the energies around us. Even if we're not consciously aware of it.

We know the moon controls the tides. And since our bodies are made up of virtually the same stuff as the sea, it only makes sense that we're also affected by the moon's energy. Why do you think some people get a little crazy during the full moon? Because on a visceral level, we're still unconsciously responding to these ancient rhythms.

Now imagine what can happen when you're aware of the invisible pull the moon has on your energy – and the energy of your potential clients. Imagine how much easier it would be to connect with them and meet them where they are, so you can help them take the next step in their healing journey with you. The rhythms of the moon hold the key. And each phase is perfectly aligned to specific steps you can take to grow your practice.

The New Moon: Inspiration and Creation

moon - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark The New Moon is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. Think of it as a reset button for the human psyche. Every month, at the beginning of the lunar cycle, we have an opportunity shake off the past and step into something brand new. This makes the New Moon the perfect time to dream about the future of your holistic business and to begin taking inspired action toward your goals.

Use the energy of this phase to connect your potential clients with what's possible when they make the wise decision to invest in themselves through your services. Time frame: This cycle beings on the day of the New Moon and carries over for three days.

New-Moon Activities:

  • Make a donation to your favorite charity. This will make you feel like the rich and generous holistic healer you are becoming.
  • Start a success journal to keep a record of all your "wins."
  • Start working on a new project that inspires you and your potential clients.
  • Breathe life into an existing project that needs a kick-start.
  • Create social media messages that inspire your clients and potential clients and help them connect with their dreams.
  • Write marketing copy that speaks to the new possibilities available to your clients with your help.
  • Share client-success stories.

The Waxing Moon: Growth and Expansion

The Waxing Moon helps you express the energy of growth and expansion in your practice. Which makes it a great time to step up your marketing and social-media exposure. As the moon is growing, harness that energy by stretching into something you've been avoiding or resisting. The inspired actions you take during this phase gain momentum as the moon's light increases, creating even greater opportunities for you and your clients.

Stay focused on your goals and keep taking steps forward. Even if you can't see the results of your marketing efforts right away, trust that the seeds you plant during this phase will grow if you nurture them. Time frame: This phase begins four days after the day the New Moon is born and ends four days before the Full Moon is at her peak.

Waxing-Moon Activities:

  • Move ... better yet, dance to tap into the youthful, expansive energy of this moon phase.
  • Use breath work to continue to expand your energy.
  • Step up your marketing and social-media exposure.
  • Create energy and excitement around an upcoming program through an e-mail or video campaign.
  • Go to networking events and be willing to be seen.
  • Reach out to potential referral partners who are in alignment with your holistic values and point of view.

The Full Moon: Power and Confidence

Right now there are clients who would gladly invest in your services if they only knew you were here. So the Full Moon is the perfect time let your light shine. Plan activities that allow you to be highly visible and accessible to your potential clients. Tap into the energy of this phase to help you take bold steps forward. When you do, you put the Law of Attraction into full swing. And all kinds of opportunities begin to open up for you and your clients.

By aligning with the light of the Full Moon, you're being asked to step outside of your comfort zone and claim your role as the powerful co-creator of your business and your life. Remember, as long as you're taking steps forward, you can't fail. Time frame: This powerful, magical energy is alight three days before and three days after the peak of the Full Moon.

Full-Moon Activities:

  • Take a salt-water bath to connect with the energy of the tides, even if you live miles from the ocean.
  • Host a live workshop or event on a topic you're passionate about for your local community.
  • Host a teleclass or online event.
  • Schedule speaking engagements or interviews (live or virtual) that allow you to connect with potential clients through new channels.
  • Write bold marketing copy and articles that position you as an expert in your field. Market your articles online and off.
  • Craft social-media messages that challenge your audience to take action to achieve their goals.
  • Sponsor a contest or a simple survey to get valuable client feedback.
  • Deliver powerful private retreats that allow you to work deeply and creatively with your favorite clients.
  • Brainstorm bold and daring actions you'd like to take during this phase – steps that really stretch you.

The Waning Moon: Letting Go

As the moon decreases in the sky, it's time to slow down. This is not the time to push your will with brute force. Instead, look for smarter ways to accomplish your goals. Align with the energy of the diminishing moon by being willing to let go of what's no longer working for you. Remember, you can't receive new things in your business if you're clinging to old ways of thinking, doing or being. This is not about looking back with regret or shame, but identifying and releasing what needs to be changed. So take an honest look at your business to see what's not in alignment with your vision, your mission or your goals.

Also, be alert for self-sabotaging thoughts or actions during this phase. Old patterns of thought will pop up. Use the power of the Waning Moon to banish them from your subconscious mind for good. When working with clients, be willing to help them look deeply at the pain and dysfunction that has kept them stuck. And to get clear on exactly what it's costing them. By peering into the shadows, you're able to help them see what needs to be healed. Time frame: This phase begins four days after the Full Moon reaches her peak and continues until the day the New Moon is reborn in the sky.

Waning-Moon Activities:

  • Schedule time off.
  • Take regular breaks in your workday.
  • Look at your finances and get real with your money leaks.
  • Talk to potential clients or conduct informal research to find out what they are struggling with, what that struggle is costing them, and what objections they might have to working with someone like you.
  • In your marketing, join the conversation that's already going on in your potential clients' heads by addressing the pain and problems that are plaguing them.
  • Write articles, blogs and social-media tips that help your potential clients begin to release their fears and limitations, especially as they relate to the services you provide.
  • Wrap up any lingering projects you may have by putting the finishing touches on them.
  • Set boundaries in business and life.
  • Make a list of the fears, habits or beliefs you want to release. Then burn them, drown them or scatter them
    to the wind.

If you're inspired to put the natural rhythms of the moon to work in your practice, all you need is a calendar that lists the New and Full Moon. (Remember, the Waxing and Waning Moons fall between these two benchmarks.) Then use the moon-phase activities we've shared here and commit to two or three for each phase. When you're in the flow of Divine Right Timing, you draw new clients to you as easily as the moon draws the tides.

Click here for more information about Sharon Desjarlais, CC.


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