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September, 2013, Vol. 13, Issue 09

Principles of Success: The Foundation of a Strong Practice

By Velvete Womack, PhD, LMT, CE, MI

We have previously discussed how fear is the first sign that we may not be aligned with our overall goal or highest aim for ourselves or others. This doesn't mean that fear doesn't have its place, for its design was to keep us safe.

But when we become fearful of calling on clients, we are no longer thinking with our rational, higher thinking mind, but now we are thinking and using the primitive mind.

One of the keys or principles to success based on the writings of Napoleon Hill and Raymond Holliwell, is faith. One of the greatest ways to dissolve fear is by having faith in our abilities, talents and gifts, which will also give us the greatest amount of energy to do what we love. When successful people are met with opposition, they dig deep from within and call upon the love they have for their desire. This love provides them with the much needed and abundant energy that will open up a whole new world of opportunities, experiences, partnerships and success.

It is absolutely impossible for fear to exist where there is faith. Where fear closes doors, faith opens them. When fear is filling the mind, the mind is unable to receive intuition, guidance, inspiration and creativity. Just think about it, if a lion is chasing you, your first thoughts aren't going to be focusing on the beautiful vista around you. No, they aren't even going to be about how fast you can run, you'll just naturally run. Your whole mind, body and soul are focusing only on saving yourself from the potential danger of being eaten.

In our business world, sometimes it might feel like we could be eaten alive, but in reality this is just letting us know that we have a little work to do in replacing our fears with faith. Fear, in this example, is simply a state of mind because we know no one is going to eat us. Nevertheless, it's still a real fear in our mind. But, unlike the lion that is real, how is it that fear is created from the mind when dealing with people?

Fear that is created from the mind when dealing with people comes from our own creation of "what if." Many times the things we fear actually never happen or occur in our lives. We spend countless seconds, minutes, hours and days on a fear that has never, nor ever will manifest. All of which is wasted energy on things unseen rather than dealing with what is seen and taking it one step at a time. We don't have to have all the answers, just the ones we need in that moment. Running when a lion is chasing me is the only answer I need in that moment. Telling a client that I have a two o'clock slot open for the day is the answer I need in that moment.

To truly benefit from faith, we need a little more understanding of how to apply it within our own lives when it comes to the principles of success. Some may think that having faith means you throw everything up to the wind and hope for the best, but this would be blind faith. The faith that I write about today that will help you in your growth and success, is the faith in seeing the facts and then doing something about them, taking action rather than throwing caution to the wind. If my checking account is in the negative and I say, "Oh, well I have faith everything will be okay," while continuing to spend money that I don't have then I am acting blindly. If I say, "I don't care that my account is negative," I might find myself caring an awful lot about it as it continues to dwindle. Acting in this way is avoiding the facts, avoiding faith and desire. If I desire to have a successful massage practice, but never take the action which supports such success, then I am wasting the truest wealth of all, my mind and my ability to create what I desire in life.

Faith is the knowing that the sun is going to rise and taking action is getting up to see it to take advantage of what the sunlight has to offer each day. What abilities, gifts and/or talents do you have faith in? You know these things will make you shine, but are you using all of your talents to the best of your ability? Where can you improve upon your gifts, abilities and talents and direct them to your overall goal in life?

Now that you know what abilities, gifts and talents you have that will help you to shine, what steps or actions could you implement and start immediately towards your goal? Do you have a gift in writing? Then what actions could you start today that would move you towards your overall goal of success and financial freedom? Maybe your love of reading could be used to edit a friend's new book or newsletter. Action is endless and full of possibilities when we sit in faith rather than fear.

Each and every day is a new day of possibilities that will help us to shine. But first we must be willing to recognize opportunities, recognize the genius from within, and recognize when we're being inspired and to act upon our intuitiveness. Our taking action proves to the mind that we are willing, ready and able to handle success and we welcome this success gladly.

As defined in a previous article, evolution is any process of growth. Success is defined by as, "an event that accomplishes its intended purpose, reaching a goal, or accomplishing prosperity." There may be some people unconsciously reaching for a goal of lacking less than they have right now, but most of us usually set goals for higher aspirations, rather than lower. That said, when we set goals we are seeking growth, we are seeking to do and become better and we are looking for ways to expand who we are rather than contracting who we are. Evolution and success go hand-in-hand and you can't have one without the other. This means that as we grow in our field and become more successful, we are encouraging our craft to evolve, thus moving our field and scope of practice into a higher standard of professionalism and recognition. Each therapist participates in this evolutionary process as we set our individual goals, aims and aspirations with the desire in serving others. We will each experience our own growth while also assisting the overall growth of the industry. We will each experience our own financial success and freedom, while assisting the same for the industry. It's a process that can't help but to encourage cooperation.

Take a moment and reflect on the following and be honest with yourself as you make your journey towards success:

  • What are your talents, gifts and abilities?
  • What can you take action in now that will assist in achieving your goal?
  • What opportunity or possibilities can you think of right now that will assist in your growth?

As you reflect on the answers to the questions above, put your thoughts into an organized outline to make it easier for you to follow as you move through the process of reaching and being all the success your mind can handle.

Dr. Velvete H. Womack, PhD, LMT, CE, MI, is a published author, inventor, licensed massage therapist and wellness coach. With more than 35 years in corporate American, and in the medical and holistic field of health and wellness, Dr. Womack strives to provide individuals tools that will aid in balance and stress reduction. For more information, visit


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