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Massage Today
September, 2013, Vol. 13, Issue 09

What is it that Massage Therapists Really Sell?

By Steph Lasch, LMT

Do you know what you actually sell? Often times, when I'm offering webinars, we'll talk about what it is that we truly sell, as massage therapists. After posing the question, these are often the responses from those that have not worked with me individually through coaching or business management development.

What are the two things that we, as massage therapists, sell?

  • Massage and gift certificates.
  • Massage and products.
  • Healing and comfort.
  • Health options and wellness packages.

I sit quietly, listening to the answers and why they think those answers are true. Indeed, we do ring up sales that have massage services and products listed. Indeed, many of our websites illustrate that massage is a great health care option/necessity. It's true, we sell products and gift certificates within the confines of our stores. But is this what we actually sell to the consumer? In my opinion, no. We sell two things: Good Feelings and Solutions.

Good feelings have to do with establishing trust and allowing the customer to feel good about:

  1. Spending money with you.
  2. The customer service received.
  3. The quality of the service/product.
  4. Trusting you with their body and health care needs.

Solutions have to do with:

  1. Providing results to challenges the customer is facing.
  2. Examining what has been done in the past and what may not be working.
  3. Aiding in the exploration of what the solution might be.
  4. Resolving a challenge with a solution – be it product, service, referral or otherwise.

When you offer massage services, gift certificates, products, etc., you sell good feelings and solutions. The moment you can get your arms around this concept, the more success you will find in learning how to more effectively sell to your clients and customers. Find and listen to the need and you will help them with a solution. Understand that good feelings associated with the experience and identification with your brand ultimately help define your level of success as a massage therapist.

To read other posts from our expert panel, visit the WIBB blog at

Steph Lasch, LMT, has written several resources for the massage and spa professional. Steph is a multi-location spa owner in the Twin Cities.


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