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May, 2012, Vol. 12, Issue 05

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Clients With Reiki

By Karina Braun, LMT, RYT

Massage therapists that are trained as Reiki practitioners should administer the treatment to themselves and to their clients. When the benefits of Reiki treatments are discussed, it is generally in reference to how it helps the client. However, there are also many benefits for the therapist as well.

When a therapist performs Reiki on a client, they conduct the energy through their body as a conduit. When this happens, universal energy is transmitted through the therapist. As this energy flows through the therapist, clearing the pathways along the way, it then flows to the client and induces a sense of peace and calming. Reiki can help the therapist balance the physical, mental and spiritual parts of their body. On the physical level, when the energy is conducted, it helps to unblock the joints of the arms, hands and the hand chakras. Since massage therapy is physical, it can create stress and strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therapists can perform a Reiki self treatment to clear any accumulated or blocked energy in the body. A self-treatment can also assist the body in releasing toxins and support the body's natural healing abilities.

On the mental level, Reiki can help balance the therapist's mind and emotions. When a therapists is in danger of becoming burned out, Reiki can help resolve stress, fear and anxiety from the system. It assists by leveling out the emotions and bringing a sense of calm. Self administered Reiki can also help the therapist on the spiritual level. It can change negative thought patterns by helping the therapist let go of anger and worry. Reiki can help therapists be more empathetic to their client and develop the intuition needed to do healing work. All of these attributes help the therapist reach a higher potential because the energy field will be more balanced.

Outcomes from administering Reiki can be felt on many levels. Reiki can help balance the energetic system and the results can be immediate or the energy can balance over time. Creating balance on the physical and emotional level can possibly prevent a disease from occurring if it is cleared before it is deeply integrated into the aura and the chakras. Regular Reiki treatments can keep the aura clear and the chakras balanced for optimal health. It is suggested to receive regular treatments both self administered and performed by another Reiki therapist. The recommended treatment plan depends on the situation, but is suggested at least once a week, self administered, and at least once a month performed by another therapist.

Here is an example of a self treatment for a massage therapist. Hold each position for one to three minutes:

  • Place the hands on the crown of the head.
  • Place one hand on the opposite shoulder.
  • Place one Hand on the opposite elbow.
  • Place one hand on the opposite wrist.
  • Switch to the opposite arm and repeat the sequence.
  • Bring your palms together at the heart.
  • Take three deep breaths with a smile on your face and think happy thoughts.

This Reiki self treatment option can help therapists keep the central channel of energy clear so they can then be a clear vessel to treat their clients effectively. Get into the habit of practicing this self treatment option and see the difference it will make.

Karina Braun, LMT, RYT, is author of Creating Peace with Your Hands and Create Peace Yoga for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers. She is owner of Get In Touch Education and offers live seminars and home study courses to keep therapists healthy and help them prevent injuries. For more information, visit


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