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March, 2012, Vol. 12, Issue 03

WIBB Exclusive: Selling Yourself Short

By Angie Patrick

What is wrong with the following statement? FIRE!!!! Ready...aim. It seems silly, counter intuitive and even dangerous to get such important steps this badly out of order. You would not do it with a rifle, why would you do it with your business? Sometimes we are faced with making decisions quickly in business, sometimes to avoid a problem, sometimes to avoid a calamity, and sometimes to just do something different.

While I am a firm believer that change is good; I do think knee jerk reactions are dangerous. They often can cause more harm than good, and create even more issues than it solved. If you are seeing a decline in your business and you want to build traffic and revenue, you are right on target. Identifying this is half the battle. Recognizing it at its onset is key, because it gives you time to think out a plan and execute it with precision.

If you find yourself surprised, and realize you are now in a bit of trouble, the last thing you should do is throw away reason and offer your services at ridiculously discounted rates. I received an e-mail from a therapist who realized her clients had slowed a bit, but it was the holidays, she was otherwise occupied and had not really realized how dire her client list was in need of a jolt. Once the holiday craziness subsided, she was in a panic. How had it become so slow? How had she let this many people just fall off?

Her answer was to cut her prices by 70% and do a group sales marketing effort. This did indeed net clients, and for the moment, the crisis she was in was averted and she had cash flow. However, when it came time to re-book these clients, many did not want to pay for the regular priced massage. Some said they would wait for her next sale.

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