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February, 2011, Vol. 11, Issue 02

The Money Trap

What Do Your Fees Say About You?

By Sharon Desjarlais, CC

Jennifer is a talented CranioSacral Therapist who cringes whenever I broach the subject of raising her fees. "How can I?" she asks, comparing her rates yet again to those of a well-known therapist in her city who barely charges more.

Comparing yourself to other therapists is one of several money traps you may fall into in your own practice. The problem is, when you let your fear dictate your peace and prosperity, your clients may end up paying even more dearly than you do.

Consider this: Do you feel less than fulfilled with your fees? If so, there's likely a hidden fear that's stopping you from embodying your self-worth. When you acknowledge that fear and find a healthy way to address it, you open the channel to greater prosperity. And you give your clients the opportunity to gain even deeper transformation from your work.

Money Mirror of Love

When it comes to your finances, do you typically experience cycles of feast or famine? Do you charge healthy fees yet still find yourself complaining of empty pockets? Those are symptoms that you're struggling with the money mirror of love, which reflects your fear that people won't love or accept you if you make more than they do.

woman looking in mirror - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Ultimately, what you really want most in this case is a sense of connection. But how can you connect with your clients in a way that's as empowering for them as it is for you? Try this breakthrough belief on for size: "I help other people more when I model a healthy acceptance of my own achievement and abundance."

When you accept that your natural ability to attract money actually serves other people, you'll see the wisdom in no longer playing small. And you'll experience the joy of giving and receiving more from your hands-on gifts.

Money Mirror of Boundaries

Have you ever wanted to raise your fees, but believed your clients wouldn't pay more? Do you frequently give in when you're asked for a discount? Or participate in a lot of hands-on trades?

You're struggling with the money mirror of boundaries, which reflects the limiting belief that other people getting what they want is more important than you are.

Here's the brutal truth: When you take away someone's right to decide what they will or won't pay, you rob them of personal power.

To break through this money mirror, make a list of 30 results people get from working with you. Get crystal clear on the transformation your work provides. Then stand firmly inside your own boundaries, knowing you never have the right to decide anything on behalf of your clients. Only they can decide for themselves, and that's true empowerment.

Money Mirror of Courage

When someone asks about your fees, do you feel yourself shrink inside? Do you do your best to keep your rates low and rarely raise them? Those are signs you're reflecting the money mirror of courage, which symbolizes your desire to serve rather than stand out in the crowd.

To break through the faulty belief that who you are isn't special or significant, start by having compassion for yourself. Treat yourself gently and understand that it's only fear blocking you from charging what you're worth. Then choose the date you're going to raise your fees.

When you face your fear of charging more and discover that good things happen as a result, you embrace your inner power. And you can enjoy the fruit of your income even more.

Money Mirror of Deservability

Do you give away your services or feel guilty when you're not doing more? Do you compare yourself with other practitioners the way Jennifer does? That's a sure sign you're dealing with the issue of deservability, which indicates the fear that you're not quite good enough as you are.

When you accept that you're perfect right here and right now, and you allow yourself to appreciate the benefits your clients get from your work, you begin to act from a place of expansion. And you model for others that they're more than good enough as well.

Remember, money is a measure of the impact you're making in the world. When you shatter your money mirrors, you and your clients will enjoy healthier results.

Click here for more information about Sharon Desjarlais, CC.


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