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December, 2009, Vol. 9, Issue 12

Get Happy About Something

By Rita Woods, LMT

The end of each year brings about a feeling of excitement and change. Our fiscal year ends with the requirement of accounting for ourselves financially, and the idea of a New Year's resolution will ask that we take action on something we have been neglecting.

To sum up the essence of this time is to ask ourselves "What did I do" and "What am I going to do?" If you plan to be successful, then honestly answering these questions is critical to your success. There are many ways to ask these same questions. They are in all forms of evaluations and goals. However, this year I'd like to offer some alternate questions to accelerate your personal and professional development, if you are agreeable. These questions will guide you all year long if you will follow through. It's a simple system. Your experiences have either made you feel good or they didn't. If they made you feel good, repeat them. If they didn't, change something.

I have provided some questions that will help you reflect on your year (see below). The idea is that one set of questions will make you feel empowered and good (left column), and the other will make you feel weakened and a failure (right column). Naturally, the plan is to have more that empowers you and makes you feel good. Why? Because how you feel dictates more than the mood you are in. It calls what comes to you. Do you ever notice that when your heart is broken, nothing in your life seems to have any joy? Have you also noticed that when you are exhilarated, thrilled and happy that you feel like you could take on the world and win no matter what? Call it attitude, chemistry, neuropeptides, vibration, energy or whatever. The fact is that more begets more of the same. If you want positive changes, then get happy about something. Do, think or be something different than you were yesterday. Easier said than done? Fine, lets answer some important questions and fill in specific examples to get you started. Tax season is coming up. Let's start there and I'll use myself in the example.

What worked? Writing on my receipts: the mileage, whether it was cash, debit or charge, and if it was the business account or if I used personal money that needs to be reimbursed from the company. Putting receipts in a box marked 2009 receipts. Done. Result: happy, pleased, proud.

What didn't work? Entering the monthly accounts into QuickBooks. Result: unhappy, unprepared, stressed.

I can now look back and see that I was able to keep up with receipts very well but did not sit down at the computer to enter the information that my accountant will need. Why not? I need to decide if that failure was due to time, skill, desire or money, then take action to correct it based on the reason I didn't do it.

It's important to address the problem on the same level that it was created. Time. Skill. Desire. Money. One of these is usually the culprit. So did I not have enough time or not want to take the time? Did I have the skill to use the software efficiently or do I need to take a course? Do I even have the desire to want to do this? Maybe I just don't like it. Do I have the extra money to pay someone to do this for me? I need to decide what my issues are that prevented me from doing this.

Preoccupation with failure only brings more failure. Dwelling on the aspect that makes one feel bad will only beget more of the same. Change something. If my goal is to be happy then I must change something in order to be happy with this situation. Simple formula. Practice makes perfect.

Let's fill in another one. What didn't you do? Maybe you didn't take 12 hours of continuing education this year. Why not? Was it time, skill, desire or money? Decide why, then change something. Schedule more time away from home and office, and start saving $20 a week. That might solve it. Change something. The goal is to feel good and not stressed. Change to a plan that will bring you happiness. Use these questions to create an emotional gauge for yourself. Achieving a goal is just another way of saying you feel good, is it not?

Lets' do one more. What are you proud of? Maybe you finally opened your own office this year. That's something to be proud of. Great! That makes you happy and now you can use that positive emotion to propel you into making some great choices this coming year. Good decisions come from your ability to elicit good emotions.

Organizations like the HearthMath Institute have studied the effects of emotions on the central nervous system (CNS) for decades. Clearly, there is clinical evidence to support the claim that positive emotions promote a well-balanced CNS while negative emotions create chaos and disharmony within the CNS. Many of you are familiar with Dr. Edward Bach, the creator of the Bach Flower Essences. Dr. Bach believed that illness stemmed from certain negative mental conditions such as worry, fear and apathy, to name a few. He changed the way he practiced medicine based on these findings and had great success.

Thoughts are things that manifest physically. Do not rest, stop or hesitate until you have contributed to the betterment and advancement of humankind. One person can make the difference. Help someone get happy about something.

Sum up your year by filling in an event under each heading. (What might also represent who.)

What worked for me?
What am I proud of?
What were my good choices?
What made me happy?
When did I love?
What did I follow through on?
What flowed easily?
What didn't work?
What am I ashamed of?
What were my bad choices?
What made me sad?
When did I withhold love?
What did I not do?
What caused stress?

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