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September, 2009, Vol. 9, Issue 09

Immorality Reigns

By Ralph Stephens, BS, LMT, NCBTMB

Summertime is coming to a close. Hope your summer was super! Mine was fabulous, but fall really is my favorite season. On with the show.

There is serious business going on that will affect everyone, especially alternative health care providers.

First the good news: The U.S. House of Representatives is considering HR 646, which would allow acupuncture to be covered by Medicare. This is probably a very positive step. But why isn’t massage part of that bill? Where are our lobbyists and our associations on this?

As for the less than good news, our health care system is being overhauled as I write this. The debate may be in full swing, or may be over, by the time this article hits the public. The ruling party is being very careful not to reveal details of their plan. They are also being careful to restrict access and input into what the plan will be. There are only two groups who will be affected by this plan: patients and providers. Both are being excluded from its design and development. Yet, they are the ones who will suffer from its results. Instead of the stakeholders of health care reform (i.e., patients and providers) being involved, it is the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical drug cartel providing the input. The health of the insurance companies is the primary debate at this writing. We have people who have never provided or performed health care in their lives and who will enjoy unlimited health care for life (politicians – our ruling class) who are deciding how health care is going to be rationed to the rest of us. This is scary.

This is not about health care; it is about gaining control over you and your life. It is about managing “human resources” for the good of the State. It is about securing the cash flow for insurance companies and the pharmaceutical cartel. I have been concerned about who is representing the alternative providers in this debate. It doesn’t matter. Even the allopaths are complaining about being locked out of the debate. Our president told the AMA to basically shut up and accept what’s coming during a speech to them in Chicago. If the AMA can’t get in the room, we probably can’t get in the building. It is all about power and money for the politicians. Who gives them the most contributions? Insurance companies and the drug cartel by far. Providers and patients just don’t give enough to the politicians to be worth including. Hopefully once the framework is passed, we can influence the rule-making process. Time will tell.

This is how it will be until we have term limits and get rid of the ruling class that lives very well off of us. Sadly, they will never impose term limits on themselves. Our only hope is to vote out every incumbent, regardless of party, at every election until the ruling class is gone. Not until working citizens are elected for one term only and then have to go back and make a living under the laws they pass will we have a Democratic Republic again.

Understand that the current health care debate is not about health care at all. Nothing proposed will significantly change the immoral system we have at this time. Who has the most power and who gets the cash flow is all that will be changed. That is what is being fought over; control of money and power over your health and wealth. The government that controls the health of its people, controls its people. The laws being passed lately are all about controlling the population’s health care. For those of you who think you want and deserve free health care, wait until you see how much “free” costs in both dollars and freedom lost.

The problem is, we do not have a health care system. We have a sickness care system. The only way the current system makes any money is if people are sick or injured. To survive, the system is dependent on there being more and more sick and injured people. There is no money to be made on healthy people. Put your emotions aside and think about this: where is the financial incentive to get and keep people well in the current system? There is none! This is why they still put mercury in teeth and administer vaccines. This is why they have spent millions to discredit chiropractic. This is why they distort nutritional information and keep people confused about diet and exercise. This is why they dilute organic standards, force irradiated and other “Frankenfoods” with little or no labeling into stores, and try to suppress supplements, herbs, homeopathy and alternative providers. This is why they fight alternative providers getting licensure and decent scope of practices. None of this is by accident. The good of the patient is the least concern of the system, only what is good for the medical-pharmaceutical-government cartel matters. Mass wellness would be a disaster to the sickness care system and worse, healthy people are not nearly as dependent on politicians. It is not a huge conspiracy. It is the multiple facets of “the system” acting in its own self-interest. It conveniently comes together to create more sick and injured people. None of the above improves people’s health. They each prevent or destroy health. A sickness care system is immoral and exploits the poorest among us the most, as they cannot step out of it and turn to alternative wellness therapies.

True Health Care

If we really want to reform health care, how about we throw the entire system out and start over with a true health care system? One that puts the incentives on getting and keeping people well. Such a system would place massage therapy and other alternative/wellness providers at the top of the system, along with true education, starting in elementary school, about posture, movement, diet, exercise and stretching. An attitude of wellness awareness and responsibility for one’s health must be fostered from childhood. Health care is not a right; it is a responsibility.

Of course the allopaths would continue to handle the inevitable crisis management, especially during the transition, but under a paradigm of wellness and healing, not symptom suppression. As long as we have a system that justifies human suffering in the name of profit, our health and our wealth will continue to deteriorate, individually and as a nation. Sadly, nothing but forced term limits from the voters can bring this change about, other than a spiritual and moral awakening.

See you in November for turkey and Thanksgiving!

Click here for more information about Ralph Stephens, BS, LMT, NCBTMB.


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