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June, 2009, Vol. 09, Issue 06

Bending Spoons: Power to Create the Practice You Want

By Rita Woods, LMT

Massage therapists are a rare breed of people. When most people of the world see despair, the massage therapist sees a ray of sunshine. When most people of the world see hate and anger, the massage therapist can find love and peace.

The massage therapist is typically on the cutting edge of spiritual awakening, of acknowledging a deeper purpose to life, and is tolerant to life's injustices. After all, massage therapists are healers at heart and you can't be a healer if you are judgmental, depressed or angry.

But when you take the events of the world in the last few years and combine that with our evolution and awakening on a spiritual level, it's easy to understand why people are acting out with violence and depression. Negativity plus uncertainty equals confusion. It's a well-known fact in the world of salesmanship that a confused customer does not buy. A confused person either does not take action or they react wildly and irrationally. It's like bumping into a wall over and over again.

You have clients who are caught in this web and may have stopped coming to see you. Your business may be dropping off which is creating a similar cycle for yourself. You are a good person with good intentions, so it's hard to believe this is happening to you. Some of you may completely change your life. Move to a new city, change relationships, shift your practice or even close your office. It's not you; it's the shift in consciousness that is changing the way you live, forever. Do you feel it too?

The good news is (and this is good news) that you have more power to create the life you want than ever before. When your world is in a state of flux, it can be molded. It becomes malleable like a ball of molten glass on the end of the glass blower's rod; it must be made into something by thought and action. Failure to recognize this opportunity will leave you with a blob that serves no purpose for you.

Your thoughts will indeed be the architect of your future. Your challenge is to watch and control what you are creating. Your dreams and aspirations are attainable. It just appears as if the rules for reaching them have changed.

Guard your thoughts as you would a precious commodity. They are your future. Here's a challenge for you: keep a small notebook with you for a week. Make two columns on each page. One column for negative thoughts and one for positive thoughts. Every time you have a thought, mark it on the notebook in the appropriate column. At the end of the week, see what you are creating. I know, it's sort of a pain to do that every time you have a thought, but try. Until you know what your mind is doing unconsciously, you will not have control of your creations.

Recently I attended a weekend marketing workshop. One of my goals is to create excellent marketing material for therapists who are certified in my face massage program. So my action was to attend a workshop to get help from people who know more about it than I do. Much to my surprise, my biggest ah-ha moment came at lunch when we learned to bend spoons. Now, I did not go to this event to learn to bend spoons, nor did I have any idea that would be on the agenda. I just wanted to learn better marketing tactics. Lunch was a ladies-only luncheon sponsored by the promoter's wife. She is great about finding ways to empower people and this experiment was no exception. Because I believe we all need to be coaxed out of our comfort zone, I want you to try it too.

First, go buy some thin cheap spoons at the dollar store. You will be physically bending the spoon not thinking it to bend. The spoons we used snapped and broke if bent with too much force. Therefore, we knew when we pushed too hard too soon - before it was time. To get started, standing is best. Your energy flows better and you are in a more powerful position when your spinal column is straight. Hold the spoon resting your thumb on the area between the handle and the bowl-like section. Center and ground yourself energetically, you may want to take off your shoes to help ground.

Visualize the energy coming in through your left hand and out the right. Rub the spoon in the spot where you want it to bend. Imagine it heating up in that area. Stay with that for a few minutes until you feel ready. You should feel the area warming and there will be a slight drag under your thumb. Then with your thumb, begin to push it to bend. It will take some effort but do not force it. It will succumb and bend. I watched our hostess bend two spoons then twist the ends like a pretzel. Amazing. Did I bend mine? Yes, but right at the end, I forced it too fast and it snapped.

My lesson: keep the pressure on but don't try to force it to happen. Massage therapy continues to grow, research continues to validate the benefits of our work and therapists continue to seek new and better ways to help people. But let's face it; your world is not the same as it was just a year ago. It's time to step out of the old box, be courageous and challenge yourself. If you lead, others will follow.

I'd love to hear from you about challenges that you and your clients are having. I'd also like to know if you tried bending a spoon. Please email me at and let me know.

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