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January, 2008, Vol. 08, Issue 01

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By Editorial Staff

Profession Answers Question: Is NCBTMB Headed in the Right Direction?

I think the former board members were right in resigning. I applaud their courage. I was first nationally certified in 1994. I did not receive a recertification packet when my recertification came due for 2006. I made several phone calls over a period of weeks to NCBTMB to obtain the packet, plus take the ethics course online, etc. I was never able to reach anyone for the help I needed.

Finally, in utter frustration and disgust, I sent a scathing e-mail to their e-mail address. Their e-mail address did not accept e-mails. I made a copy of the e-mail and sent it to their office to the attention of Elizabeth McIntyre. I never received a reply. This experience led me to believe the NCBTMB did not treat the needs of their stakeholders as a priority. It made me feel they were not there for us out here in the field. Consequently, I let my certification lapse and am not planning to re-certify.

Thank you for the opportunity to give you this feedback.

Ann Pasley, LMP
Woodinville, Wash.

Letter to the Presidential Candidates

I was happy to read an article in a massage publication that recognizes how important it is for us to be active politically in the interest of progress in our profession. But as an activist, I personally don't believe it would be possible to convince all of the candidates, many of whom are opposed to any expansion of healthcare benefits, to change their minds and support any non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical intervention.

If each of us sent a letter to our candidate of choice, each candidate would only receive a small handful, and they wouldn't very likely pay much attention. Instead, I think it is our responsibility to elect government officials who have already shown that they support our cause. We are a powerful lobby, and I believe our professional organizations should endorse a candidate who supports our mission. And though I accept that this is not the forum to make my personal endorsement, I have read every candidate's health care plan and there is only one candidate who supports the inclusion of complementary therapy, preventive medicine and treating the cause as opposed to the symptom. He is also the only candidate who adamantly supports peace, environmental responsibility and rebuilding our economy by keeping jobs here, which I hope we all want.

Celia Bucci

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