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October, 2007, Vol. 07, Issue 10

Gift-Giving Season Is Around the Corner. Are You Ready?

By Angie Patrick

Billy wants a new bicycle, Sally wants a new dollhouse, Johnny wants a new iPod. Kids are very articulate in their needs and wants for holiday gift giving. You might be hard pressed to find a young one that did not have clear cut ideas about what gift would make them happy, and be unable to find a way to share this information in detail with the would-be gift giver.

We are not so lucky with the remainder of our family and friends.

Your mother may say, "Oh honey, I have everything I need!" Or your father may jokingly say, "Just pay your student loan. That is present enough for me!" Often, we find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of having no idea what to give as a thoughtful and show-stopping gift. And if YOU are feeling this way, you can bet your clients are in the same dilemma as well!

Your clients come to you because you relieve their stress. You are instrumental in their pain management and overall sense of well-being. You provide them a service that not only allows them time for personal relaxation, but also as a haven from the busy and harried life they lead. Believe it or not, you also have the power to alleviate much of their gift-giving angst, while allowing for a more free flow of black ink to your bottom line.

Gift Certificates. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Gift certificates for your services are a fantastic way to provide your clients a means to be heroes to their friends, co-workers and family. By planting the seeds now, your future business can grow exponentially. Chances are the client will be buying a gift certificate for someone who has never experienced your massage before. There truly is no better means of promotion than referral. And if someone thinks enough of your services to give as gifts, that endorsement is like money in the bank.

These certificates for your services should be a nice presentation. There are so many pre-existing gift certificates on the market; you should have no trouble finding one that conveys the image and feeling you want to portray for your company. Additionally, there are a plethora of software and business graphics programs available for the computer savvy, which enable you to create a custom document unique to your tastes and company image.

One inexpensive addition to the presentation would be a tasteful gift box the certificate can be placed into. Nestle the certificate on a bed of raffia or cotton for additional impact. For the ultimate presentation, have a box of chocolates that accompany the gift certificate and gift box. This adds to the feeling of a true present, complete with the ability to be unwrapped and enjoyed immediately.

To build your business a bit faster, place an expiration date only six months away. This creates a small sense of urgency in the redemption of the certificate, as well as a faster opportunity to re-book the potential new client. Of course, I am a proponent of always honoring a gift certificate, regardless of the date. This date simply is a tool you can use to generate the new client business a bit faster. When you accept out-of-date gift certificates, you are conveying a sense of reliability and accommodation, and that goes a long way toward building a solid relationship with your potential new client.

With all the benefits of gift certificates, one often is overlooked. When you sell your gift certificates to your clients and relieve some of their gift- giving trauma, you also are providing yourself with a nice bit of income to buy and provide your own gift giving bonanza. In essence, this is, quite possibly, the all-purpose cure for gift giving season stress!

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