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Why You Should Care About Prebiotics (Part 2)
In my last article [January
2018], I discussed the concept of prebiotics (also known as microfood, as a way to avoid the consumer confusion that can occur between the terms probiotic and prebiotic) and began exploring the literature supporting the health benefits of prebiotic soluble fiber.

Continuing the Conversation: Waist Circumference, Weight Loss & Food Choices
In part
one of this article, I discussed how the utilization of measuring a patient's waist circumference (WC) becomes a valuable anthropometric measurement to gauge health risk. Now  I'll discuss the clinical approach to reducing WC and implementation your practice.

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Massage Today
June, 2007, Vol. 07, Issue 06

Fit for the Spotlight

By Editorial Staff

At some point in life, everyone dreams of being a star. But few understand the toll maintaining star status takes on your body. Learn how leading lady Elizabeth Loyacano, star of "Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular," uses massage and healthy lifestyle choices to stay fit for the spotlight.

MASSAGE TODAY (MT): Can you give us an idea of what a day in your life is like?

ELIZABETH LOYACANO (EL): I wake up in the morning and work out before breakfast, which can involve running, working on the elliptical or lifting weights.

I vary it day to day. When I get home, I eat breakfast/lunch, read or run errands and go to the show. I arrive at the theater at 5:30 p.m. for the 7 p.m. show. I put on my makeup, vocalize, do a light workout to wake up my body, and get ready for the show.

"My health care philosophy is to do things that are smart - eat well, exercise regularly and do things that diminish stress in your life."

MT What do you normally eat?

Brent Barrett and Elizabeth Loyacano - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark EL I'll eat an egg white omelette with spinach, reduced-fat feta and smoked salmon. Sometimes, I'll have egg whites and turkey sausage, or a small salad as a fiber source. The costumes are so tight, so as a singer, I have dinner after the show ends.

MT Do you take supplements or herbs to take care of your body?

EL I take a multivitamin everyday. I'm 30, so I also take calcium. Mostly, I try to eat well by watching my carb intake and drinking lots of tea and purified water. I eat a lot of salads and vegetables like bell peppers, which have a lot of vitamin C.

MT You mentioned you use massage therapy as well. How does it help you?

Elizabeth Loyacano and Tim Martin Gleason. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Elizabeth with fellow actor Tim Martin Gleason as Raoul in a scene from "Phantom." EL I have massages regularly, but it depends on the need. I go at least once a month, sometimes twice a week. I'm a huge proponent of Epsom salt baths, chiropractic care and massage therapy to release the muscles in the back.

Since I have scoliosis in my back, a pelvic girdle that is slightly off and a prior injury, I get pain in my back regularly. As Christine in the show, I have three rough falls onto the floor and I want to make it real, so I fall pretty hard. I'm wearing 2-3-inch heels and clothes draped in front of and behind me, and in the final fall, my costume weighs 25 pounds. I seek out massage therapy for relaxation, but primarily, I seek it to break up knots or recurring back problems that I can feel on stage.

I seek out massage therapy for relaxation, but primarily, I seek it to break up knots or recurring back problems that I can feel on stage.

MT Can you summarize your health care philosophy for us?

EL The most important things are:

  • eating healthy;
  • eating a lot of vegetables;
  • taking multivitamins;
  • drinking at least eight glasses of water per day; and
  • not overindulging in alcohol.

Elizabeth Loyacano - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Elizabeth Loyacano as Christine in the Las Vegas production. You should exercise 3-5 times per week to keep your metabolism high and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Yoga is a great workout, and meditation benefits your spirit and your mental health. All of those things assist your physical health.

My health care philosophy is to do things that are smart - eat well, exercise regularly and do things that diminish stress in your life, from yoga to reading a book.

MT What advice would you give to younger actors/actresses or people who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

EL Follow your instincts for what truly drives you and inspires you to be on stage, because it does involve struggle and instability. If you're going to do this job, you have to take extra precautions in taking care of yourself, because those things can only help you reach your goal. Discipline, commitment, dedication, a positive attitude and support are the most important things.

MT What are your current aspirations?

EL My aspirations involve film and television. In college, I was a film major. I dreamt of filing taxes as a dancer, and I did it. As I became exposed to the career of a dancer, I began to see that I had to become a triple threat to go further on Broadway; I had to be able to dance, sing and act. I narrowed my goals to become a lead on Broadway, which I got to do in the role of Mina in "Dracula." I was able to originate the role of Christine in "Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular." As I've gained experience, I'm more invested in acting, so I'd like to move into film and television, but also keep my roots and originate a role on Broadway in New York.


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