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July, 2006, Vol. 06, Issue 07

New Look, Same Purpose

By Kathryn Feather, Senior Associate Editor

Change can be difficult. It can be hard to let something familiar go and embrace something new and different, especially when that something has become such a part of your routine. We hear from so many of you every month; more often than not, you call just to tell us what you have gleaned from Massage Today and what the publication means to your massage practice.

You tell us how you look forward to receiving the publication every month to read what your favorite columnists have to say. We do not take this relationship for granted and we look forward to your feedback every month.

As you've undoubtedly noticed already, the publication has quite a different look this issue. The redesign of MT has been months in the making and we hope you enjoy the results. Our goal was to achieve a fresh, yet professional look, and I think we have done just that.

While the overall look has changed, all of your favorite voices are still here. A few things have moved to new spots; for example, the index has moved from page one to page four. The editor's commentary stays on this page; Cliff Korn will return next month to this very spot, sharing his thoughts on the profession. (He works hard for Massage Today all year, and believe it or not, he occasionally needs a break!)

Familiar voices who have been with Massage Today from the beginning, will continue to grace these pages. Other favorites will continue to share their knowledge and insights into the massage profession as well. You'll also see some new names and faces from time to time, as therapists from around the country share their expertise, techniques and thoughts regarding the state of massage and bodywork.

In our very first issue, back in January 2001, Cliff said, "As you will see in the coming years, Massage Today is really your publication. You'll find it addresses the diverse needs of the eclectic mix of issues that impact massage therapists." I think Cliff hit the nail on the head with that prediction. This is your publication, and MT will continue to present and discuss the myriad issues affecting this rapidly evolving profession.

Cliff also said he was "hoping to enable Massage Today to become a bridge empowering all our perspectives and a tool we can all use to meet our personal, professional and business goals." I think we have achieved his goal, as evidenced by how many of you tell us how you use the publication to help meet your life's goals. We couldn't predict the future back in 2001, but I think we have adhered to the principles we established at the start, and I am confident we will continue to grow and change as the profession grows and changes.

While this issue of MT reflects a new look and feel, our purpose remains unchanged. Cliff and I look forward to your continuing feedback and participation.

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