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February, 2006, Vol. 06, Issue 02

Pursuing Your Intentions Through Spa Treatments

By Stephanie Beck

In the January issue of Massage Today, Lynn Biscoe, from Spa Balinesia, touched on the subject for this issue: "Every Massage Therapist new to the spa environment should know the vision and intention of all services offered" How can you discuss the benefits of spa treatments unless you have a clear understanding of the vision and intention of your services?

Define What You Are

What kind of business do you want to be? What is your company's brand? What is your company's culture? Everything about your business should embody your intentions as much as possible.

That is why it is vital - whether you have a staff of 20 or a staff of one - that they receive the proper training. They must have the knowledge and understanding to the benefits of your treatments and how they relate to the intentions of your company. Every "team member" has to be fully aware of your game plan, and that includes every product and service offered.

Set Goals to Achieve Your Brand

Set goals for your company, business and staff. If you hire staff, make sure they have the same values and receive all the necessary training. Also, your Spa Distributor Rep should be responsible for supplying the necessary education on product ingredients, benefits, protocols, etc. You need to be accountable and ensure everyone adheres to the vision and intention once it has been defined. Some of the goals you might want to consider including are to always recommend appropriate home care products to the client, weekly training and education to ensure all staff members are aware of the benefits of the treatments, or quarterly protocol and product evaluations for every staff member.

Good for You, Good for Your Clients

Giving a massage can be taxing on the body of the therapist. Even with the proper body mechanics, it takes a lot of energy. Thus, it makes sense to keep an open mind to new techniques and services that benefit both you and your clients and might be achieved without a massage.

Scrubs and polishes are some of those procedures that allow for just that: less wear and tear on the therapist, but the same favorable impact on the client. All scrubs and polishes can be performed in half the time of an hour massage and are less strenuous on the body - plus, you still can charge as much as an hour-long massage. All wraps - whether you are working with clay, seaweed, herbals or aromatherapy - still take up to an hour, but without all the taxing requirements on your body.

It makes sense to expand your services to retain clients and gain new ones. Because each client's needs vary, it's crucial to understand what those customers' needs are and which products address those needs. Research the spa treatments you are considering and discover how they will best support your company's brand and identity.

Fitting the Budget

Chances are you might not be flush with capital, so it's time to talk budgets. Speaking from experience, budgets are most helpful in guiding you to the appropriate products for your business. When you apply your vision (intentions and brand) with your budget, it's easier to know what product lines are feasible.

Communicating your game plan to your vendors allows them to assist you in making the right choices. Your budget might be limited to crock pots and Spa Thermal Units, instead of Hot Towel Cabinets and treatment bars. Or, you might need the standard white cotton robes instead of the Customized Micro-fiber robes in three colors and six sizes. Whether you have one room or a 17 room facility, it's still possible to offer a professional environment without sending you into bankruptcy. Plan your work and work your plan.

Go Have Fun Out There!

And let's not forget one of the main benefits of offering body treatments: It's fun to learn new things! It's rewarding to provide options that allow your clients to achieve their goals - lasting ones clients can feel good about after they leave your establishment.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your vision, intension or brand, drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to help. And remember to keep striving to make your dreams a reality!

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