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November, 2005, Vol. 05, Issue 11

What are My Choices?

Herbs, Supplements, Lotions, Oils, Aromatherapy, etc.

By Editorial Staff

"What Are My Choices?" is a periodic column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts - the companies themselves.

This installment focuses on companies that offer herbs, supplements, lotions, oils, aromatherapy products and other similar items - all important components of a successful massage practice.

Bayne Thomas Enterprises: The LifeLine Nutritional system is based solely on the understanding of the basic building blocks necessary to attain, and maintain health. It is a system rooted in health and not disease or symptom management. All LifeLine Nutritionals are whole food nutritional supplements. Our products contain no binding agents, fillers, or additivesthey are 100% pure. Phone: 888-822-5613; Web:

CA BOTANA: Featuring Ambrosia professional massage products, a selection of high quality oils and lotions, featuring avocado, macadamia nut and grapeseed, and pure essential oils for custom blended aromatherapy. Call today to order your massage starter kit, and experience the exceptional quality and versatility of our product collection. Custom blend with our pure essential oils to provide a wide range of individualized treatments. Products are available in professional, retail and bulk sizes. Phone: 760-434-6754.

Elara Nutriceuticals, Inc.: We are launching our new product "Vaxamine", the first prescription strength, all-natural botanical anti-inflammatory. A recent clinical study has shown Vaxamine to out perform Celebrex in the inhibition of the COX-2 enzyme and being highly selective in doing so, leaving the COX-1 enzyme virtually untouched. Vaxamine provides dual action anti-inflammatory properties by also inhibiting the 5-LOX enzyme further reducing inflammatory conditions. Vaxamine is now available through licensed professionals. Phone: 800-609-5214; E-mail ; Web:

Essential Oil Source: Experience high frequency oils by using our young living essential oils. Help your clients experience better results by using high frequency essential oils. Young living essential oils & massage therapy oils are processed at low temperature and low pressure without adulterants in order to retain the therapeutic qualities. Free aromatherapy newsletter. Phone: 740-448-7309; Web:

LSI: LSI Brand Glucosamine, LSI Glucosamine with Chondroitin, LSI Total Joint Complex and LSI Pure MSM 1000 have become the fastest moving items ever added to the LSI product line. All four products were introduced for the treatment of joint pain and are made in the U.S. in an approved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) plant with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. LSI offers these products at low doctor prices, while at the same time providing a higher quality product. Phone: 800-832-0053; Web:

Massage Tote 'N Go: We have the tote bag a professional massage therapist needs. There are 10 accessories made for this tote that you cannot work without. One accessory is a detachable essential oil pouch that you can clip to the table during a massage. Wear rhinestone "RELAX" pins to attract potential clients. Clients also buy them to pin up at work to remind them to relax. Email us for a product page. Phone: 314-822-2949; E-mail: .

Natural Selection Bath & Body: harnesses the moisturizing and regenerative power of Silk and natural elements with a refreshing blend of essential oils and herbs in their exclusive line for women, men, and children. Offers a line of hand crafted soap, organic lotion, and everything from massage bars to lip balm. They also offer a Zen Baby line with hair and body products in soothing lavender and baby fresh scent. Phone: 877-994-SOAP; E-mail: ; Web:

Natural Wellness: Natural Wellness and The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies provide customers with herbal supplements that cleanse, rebuild and rejuvenate with superior natural support. Clinical tests show Maximum Milk Thistle and Ultra Thistle better protect and support normal liver cell function while assisting in cellular regeneration. Fatigue Relief Plus reduces fatigue up to 40 percent without the use of stimulants. The natural formula repairs cellular damage that antioxidants fail to prevent. Phone: 800-364-5722; Web:

NutriPlex Whole Food Formulas, Inc.: NutriPlex provides 100% whole food formulas for clinical use, without isolates, synthetics, GMO ingredients, sterilized foods or artificially high potencies. Patients already consume too many chemicals. What they need are real, raw, whole, pure foods. Formulas are based on sound, current food science research from leading universities. We're a small, personal company big on service, and committed to nutrition rather than pharmacology. Phone: 888-595-4752; E-mail: ; Web:

One Person Health Sciences Inc.: Manufactures custom-made vitamins based on free health assessments and genetic analysis. By assessing deficiencies created by individual lifestyles a personalized vitamin is designed - one person at a time. Scientific assessments evaluate diet, medical conditions, drug interactions, environmental influences, age, immunity, activity and genetics. A 35-paged report is provides guidance on: nutritional deficiencies due to drug interactions, health conditions, health risks, disease management tips, diet, cooking, exercise, hydration and toxin build-up. Phone: 604.301.0221; Web:

Scentsible Solutions: We offer many great aromatherapy products. Please visit our Web site for more details. Phone: 740-448-7309; Web:

Soul Song Essentials: Soul Song Essentials offering a premium line of natural personal care products hand crafted using pure essential oils. Hallie Sawyers is president of Soul Song, nationally certified in holistic aromatherapy and an approved Category A provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Products include lip balm and two lines of soap - The Man Bar Collection and the Scentual Circles collection. Phone: 585-967-0009; E-mail: ; Web:

Thermal Comfort, Inc.: Thermal Comfort will warm your healing touch and enhance client contentment. Our products are designed for the dedicated bodyworker. It allows constant contact with your client to increase client loyalty. It facilitates change in muscle tissue and is completely portable, which is great for the mobile therapist. Phone: 866-660-WARM; E-mail: ; Web:

If your company offers products or services to the massage profession and you would like to be listed in "What Are My Choices," please contact Massage Today at 800-324-7758.


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