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September, 2005, Vol. 05, Issue 09

Stay in Touch With ... Energy Medicine

By K.G. Stiles

"Stay in Touch With..." is a periodic column designed to provide an overview of a particular technique or modality. If you would like to contribute to this column, please e-mail .

This installment of "Stay in Touch With..." features an article on "Energy Medicine," by K.G.


One of the simplest definitions of energy medicine I've come across is, "Something that affects well-being at the deepest level of our being." Since the advent of Einstein's unified field theory, ongoing research has shown the exquisite interconnectedness between body, mind and spirit. Scientific discoveries reveal that all life is made up of networks of matrixes (Latin for womb). We have entered an energetic era, one in which we are redefining our understanding about our world and ourselves. We are residing in an age when energetics, not just of the body, but of all of life, are reshaping our world.

Developing an awareness of and learning to manage and integrate one's energy systems are primary skills to develop in order to experience well-being in life. The following is a helpful exercise for those wishing to initiate an awareness of working with the energetic realm of experience.

Exercise: As you are falling asleep tonight, repeat 20-30 times to yourself, "I will wake up feeling great!" Combine a mental picture with the feeling you would enjoy experiencing feeling great. Upon waking in the morning, repeat the affirmation to yourself, "I feel great!" Over the next three weeks, use this same affirmation before going to sleep and upon waking. You will begin to notice a shift in your level of energy at the start of your day, which you can maintain throughout your day simply by reaffirming, "I feel great." You are taking steps to reprogram and reinforce your subconscious mind (one of your most powerful resources) with positive habit patterns.

How does energy medicine work? Applied quantum physics. The science of quantum physics views us as incredible multidimensional networks of vibrating waves that intersect in points of light, to be seen as a quantum particle when in focus - an idea, or image in matter - and when unfocused, as a moving wave of infinite possibility.

The truth quantum physics reveals is that we can choose our perception of reality. Problems arise when we get stuck in our perceptions. We become addicted to seeing life in a particular way, repeatedly creating the same experiences for ourselves. Simply put, our bodies, minds and emotions don't heal because we forget to let go and allow the particle to become the wave once again. How do we free ourselves from this situation and help our clients to do so as well?

The importance of intention and focus. Intention refers to one's motivation; it in no way implies force, or involving your will in the outcome of a session. It must be noted that a practitioner is not responsible for how a client responds to treatment. There are many variables influencing a client's response ability. Two important variables are attitude and life force (the capacity for healing).

Focus refers to a practitioner fully engaging in the present moment, opening to serve the client's needs and allowing for the possibility of healing to occur. The greatest skill a practitioner can develop is the ability to observe without attachment to outcome. In quantum physics, we know nothing happens that isn't first observed. So, your focus should be observing your client without judgment. This act creates the space for healing to occur.

Exercise: Over the next three weeks, practice attuning and being fully present with your client, observing without judgment, allowing the free flow of information to guide you in a session. Notice changes in the quality of results and ask clients for feedback about their experience. Notice how energized you feel at the end of your workday.

Fundamentals of practice. From both the metaphysical, traditional literature and current scientific hypotheses, we understand that the physical form has an underlying energetic crystaline form or template, and that this template can be identified, measured and mapped. We also know that certain vibrational patterns correspond to particular areas of the body. Vibrational or energetic forms of bodywork, like homeopathy, require minimal amounts of stimulus for optimal results.

The body, like any intricate musical instrument, requires adequate tuning for correct function. When tuned properly, the body will resonate to create a distinctive tone and vibrational pattern that correlates with its own unique frequency. All musicians know locating the exact pitch at which a note is to be held is critical. Any small deviation creates a totally different frequency or tone. Also, the quality of the tone is affected by the way an instrument is played. The body is as sensitive to touch as a fine Stradivarius.

The message of touch with clear intention is basic to energy medicine. A two-way channel, or loop of communication, occurs between the energy medicine practitioner and the client; musical alchemy, if you will. To work effectively with the body, a depth of sensitivity to the subtle dimensions of a client's being must be developed. Mastery in the field of energy medicine requires the practitioner to develop the art and skill of an accomplished musician; subtlty of feeling and touch is essential for creating the safe space required for facilitating powerful shifts within the client. The client will respond and fully process energetic shifts over varying amounts of time. This wise way of working adds depth and dimension to the quality of healing possible for our clients.

Exercise: At the start of a session, place your left hand on your client's solar plexus/diaphragm and visualize a shimmering light or energy surrounding you both. Allow the energetic contact between you to vibrate. Notice any sensations. Instruct your client to breathe deeply and relax, allow yourself to naturally synchronize with your client's energies.

Through exploring some of the philosophical concepts related to the body, we begin to see how the physical form represents a reflection of all levels of the human energy fields. An understanding of these subtle fields also provides a theoretical basis for understanding how and why energy medicine works. Just as one studies anatomy and physiology of the gross human form, so too can we explore the anatomy of the subtle dimensions that link the human form. In terms of a "human energy system," the body is a well-ordered technical structure of emotional responses. Our emotional anatomy is as real and organized as our physical anatomy. Through the revelations of quantum physics, we now know our thoughts and emotions have creative authority within our cell tissues; this realization is fast becoming a central governing principle in our lives. Energy medicine recognizes the power of our thoughts and emotions. Our perceptions about the way things work are undergoing a profound shift. We can, through the intention and focus of our thougts and emotions, co-create our days and influence the future we experience. The science of quantum physics teaches us we can access and change our past through a shift in our perceptions.

Developing a 15-minute daily practice of envisioning - clearing your energies and concentrating your mind - can enhance your ability to focus your energies. You will release stress and reprogram your habits of mind, or attitudes. Engaging your body in some way through various forms of movement and exercise will further enhance your ability to focus and help establish new, healthier emotional patterns. There are many techniques you can employ; the following are only a few suggestions:

  1. Daily affirmations. First thing in the morning, begin by affirming your intention for the day. An example of an affirmation (this has been around for years) that can be used to good effect is, "Every day, in every way, I am feeling better and better." For affirmations to be effective, they must be phrased in the present tense; be positive and personal.
  2. Give thanks. Nurturing an attitude of gratefulness is all-important. Name all of the things you are grateful for and this will multiply your results. An example might be, "I am grateful for my life." The law of concentration states that whatever you focus on will manifest.
  3. Affirmations and visualizations. Visualize what you wish to accomplish in your day, the week ahead or sometime in the future. See and feel it as if it has already happened. Give thanks that it is so. The law of emotion states that any thought held in the mind and charged with emotion is rapidly accepted by the subconscious mind, activating all the other mental laws and turning inner thought into outer reality. Let your creative juices flow. As you get into the habit of doing this exercise regularly, fresh new images will surface and flow out of your subconscious mind. You will be astounded by the possibilities. If you give free reign to your imaginative faculties on a routine basis, your illogical right brain will be set in motion and actually shorten the time required for manifestation to occur. Incredible connections and synchronous events will come to your aid.
  4. Incantations. Repeating short phrases will concentrate and focus your intent, ensuring rapid results with time and practice. Such phrases as, "All I need is within me now," work well. As always, for best results, phrases should be in the present tense, positive and personal.


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