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Massage Today
June, 2005, Vol. 05, Issue 06

Spa Ratings: Casa Marina Resort

Rating: 79 Points

By Editorial Staff

This periodic column rates the massage/spa experience using the criteria set forth below. The authors, dubbed the "massage mice," are professionals who do not work in the spa or massage industries; they pay full price for all services and do not disclose their intention to rate the spa's services.

The opinions of the massage mice do not necessarily reflect those of Massage Today.

Casa Marina Resort, Key West, Florida - 79 points:

The massage mice received an average massage at the Casa Marina Resort in Key West, Fla. The massage itself was very good but most everything else was lacking. Initial attempts to make reservations went to voicemail; calls were not returned. There was no waiting or changing room, and the massage itself was squeezed into a room that was too small and cramped for its purpose. Nothing was done to enhance the lighting, music/sound, or other amenities. The massage table was of good quality, and the massage therapists asked appropriate questions and did an excellent job with time allocation, oil selection, and proper draping techniques. Guests were offered water at the end of the treatment. The massage was good except that the therapist failed to maintain a constant level of pressure, which distracted from the relaxation/therapeutic effect of the massage. Overall, things that could have easily been remedied compromised the quality of this spa experience.

Service Points
Massage 70 out of 75
Massage Room & Table 7 out of 10
Waiting Area/Changing
Room/Locker Room/
1 out of 10
Reservations 1 out of 5
Grand Total: 79 points

Rating Criteria

  • Reservations Desk (5 points): Evaluation based on the helpfulness, friendliness and promptness with which the task was handled.
  • Waiting Area/Changing Room/Locker Room/Showers (10 points): Evaluation based on spa amenities, atmosphere and cleanliness.
  • Massage Room & Massage Table (10 points): Evaluation based on ambiance, cleanliness, lighting, music/sound, aroma, and temperature of room, as applicable, and the comfort of the table, as well as the type of linens and bolsters/support devices employed.
  • Massage (75 points): Evaluation based on whether appropriate questions were asked of client; technique and pressure; time allocation; response to client needs, requests, questions and feedback; use of massage oils, lotions, devices and aids; proper draping technique; relaxation/therapeutic effect of massage; water/refreshments offered to client; overall attitude of the massage therapist; and final impression.

Meaning of Overall Grades

Points Rating
95-100 Excellent
90-95 Outstanding
85-89 Very Good
80-84 Good
70-79 Average
50-69 Below Average
0-49 Poor


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