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December, 2004, Vol. 04, Issue 12

Sollite: Color and Light Therapy

By Anthousa Helena, LMHC, LMT

Our bodies are composed of dynamic colors and light. Modern biophysics has confirmed that humans are made up of bone, muscle and tissue, as well as a body of energy consisting of quanta of light.

Light is an actual substance moving with peculiar styles of vibrations according to the particular colors that compose it; at a rate of nearly 186,000 miles per second, it is easy to see that it must have great power.

Light and color are a frequency of energy that is based on wavelengths and cycles per second of electromagnetic vibration. This theory is in accord with the ancient mode of the Indian Vedas that declared the human being as part of a universal wavelength known as the electromagnetic field that includes all forms of life in nature. Noted spiritual author Georg Feuerstein stated that "Light is the principle underlying all manifestation; we, our bodies and our minds, are light."

Today quantum physicists have discovered that things are not solid and that all matter is "frozen light" substantiating that everything we experience is energetic in nature. On a cellular level, as electrons move and communicate from one atom to another, a spark of light is created called a photon proving that our cells speak to each other through light. The nerve ganglia all over the body may be reasonably likened to electric wires for conducting photons, collected by the skin and eyes, and distributed to all the internal organs and cells. Therefore, even our cellular health is dependent upon a state of equilibrium and an abundance of these life-giving photons. Based on scientific findings, medical science has shown that light stimulates, regulates and stabilizes our physiology.

As you can see, light is a major factor in our health and well-being. A lack of light can lead to ill health, which can cause an array of various mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Photophilia and malillumination are two terms that medically refer to light starvation. Most of us have heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which creates a variety of symptoms due to lack of exposure to sunlight.

The powerful emanation of light from the sun contains life-creating and life-sustaining properties. Light therapy pioneer, Dr. John Ott, states, "Light is a nutrient much like food." The ultraviolet rays and full spectrum light from the sun are essential for the production of vitamin D which has a great affect on our nervous system, heart, liver, kidneys and the metabolism of calcium, phosphorus and hormone production.

Early researchers, such as Drs. Babbitt, Pleasanton, Ghadiali and Spitler, clinically found that colored lights applied to the skin have profound curative effects on bodily ailments; moreover, when applied through the eyes (ocular phototherapy), colored lights restore balance to the vital functioning brain centers of our body.

Whether the color is reflected in the form of a food, a light bulb, a painted wall, or the clothes we wear, they affect our moods and the way we react to others and interact with the world. Every color has its own individualized unique character traits and potencies. Each cell and tissue system is endowed with and vibrates with a predominate color. Since living things consist of light and color, they can absorb colors purposefully and specifically to bring balance, and facilitate healing on physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual levels. Let us look at the characteristics and attributes of the color green and how it affects us on all these levels.

Fact: Did you know that before the advent of antibiotics in the early 1930s, hospitals would paint the walls of the recovery rooms green for its healing properties known to quicken the reparative factors after surgery?

The color attributes for green are outlined as follows:

On a physical level:

  1. Stimulates the rebuilding of muscles and tissues;
  2. Destroys micro-organisms, germs, bacteria; cleanses and prevents decay; used for germicide, bactericide, disinfectant, antiseptic;
  3. Pituitary stimulant and equilibrator; and
  4. Cerebral and physical equilibrator balancing and quickening innate healing processes.

On a psycho-emotional level, green assists in resolving issues related to:

  1. Grief, loneliness and loss;
  2. Deprivation or distortion of love and affection;
  3. Abandonment and feelings of separation; and
  4. Anxiety and panic disorders.

Green on a spiritual level is associated with the Heart Center (Chakra):

  1. Compassion and unconditional love;
  2. Unity consciousness and connectedness of and with all things;
  3. Peace and tranquility; and
  4. Awakening the soul to emerge from the Heart.

Colors have opposite positions in the spectrum wheel or range of frequency within a wavelength. Each color has specific effects attributed to it and its use in healing purposes. A simple rule to follow is that colors either stimulate or sedate. An easy acronym to remember is ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow are hot colors that stimulate; green is neutral; and blue, indigo, violet are cool colors that sedate. The color that has reverse attributes of another color is called its opposite and because of its opposition, has a unique effect when used together for balancing, attuning and awakening. Here are the basic colors and their opposites:

Red Blue
Orange Indigo
Yellow Violet
Lemon Turquoise
Purple Scarlet

Green and magenta are the only two exceptions to the rule of opposition. They are dual aspects of the same frequency so they are somewhat like opposites - but not. Remember that green is in the middle of the spectrum and considered a neutral color. Magenta is like green for its quality as an equalizer; the difference being that since it is a higher frequency, it connects more with higher-self issues of clearing and connection than the density of the physical body and lower-self issues.

This marriage of higher self and lower self or union of Spirit and Matter is the function of the soul. You are the instrument, the channel, and the vehicle for your soul-light. Your soul is your Essence of the Infinite Divine within that fills you and flows through you as your life force. In the presence of your Soul, the light has free passage for all obstacles to be energetically transformed back to its original perfection of health.

Without your soul-light fully expressing, most of what runs our lives are mental constructs, accumulated blockages, fears, karmic binds, ego illusions, and seemingly inescapable traps of limiting beliefs and patterns. The soul does not experience fear, lack, loss, illness, etc.; it only knows unconditional love, joy, abundance, light and health. Our soul is our healer!

This concept is working "out of the box," out of the realm of the limitations of the mind. The infinite awareness that is within all of us and is really our true selves can assist you and your clients from the inside out. We are whom we have been waiting for. The battle between ego and soul for dominion over the human life is over. We are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. Turn wholeheartedly to the Light within yourself and then share that with everyone that crosses your path. You will be amazed at the healing that takes place.


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