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March, 2004, Vol. 04, Issue 03

What Are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff

You've made the decision to become a massage therapist and invested a lot of money in your education, practice location, marketing, and everything else you need to be successful.

Now what? Where can you find information on products, continuing education information and other goods and services to help your practice grow?

"What Are My Choices?" is a periodic column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts - the companies themselves. This installment focuses on companies that offer lotions, oils, analgesics, linen cleaners and other similar items - all important components of a successful massage practice.

All in One Linens: Tel: 866-299-0803; Web:

Aviana Body Products and Body Work: Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all individuals, including those living with cancer, pain or extreme stress. Based on meticulous study of ancient wisdom and healing techniques, coupled with the latest scientific studies, we have developed our products and services with loving intent to provide gentle, therapeutic support and to help remind the mind-body-spirit of its inherent wholeness and healing power. Products/Services: Products include a signature blend of nine essential oils in an all-natural massage oil, essential oil, body lotion and body mist, as well as a post-breast cancer support pillow. Tel: 717-533-1759; Web:; E-mail: .

Beauty with Nature: Has been making products especially for massage practitioners since 1995. We focus on products that maintain the maximum purity possible and are very competitive in the marketplace. Products/Services: Massage lotion, massage oil, massage balm, essential oils, paraffin wax, oil-removing laundry detergent, visco-memory foam pillows, massage tables, private labeling. Tel: 888-295-6457; E-mail: .

Best of Nature: Tel: 800-228-6457; Web:

biO2 Cosmeceuticals International: One of the nation's leaders is post recovery and anti-aging products for the physicians market. Our products have been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness at a major university with astounding results. We have been selling to leading physicians worldwide for over seven years. Let us show YOU how to enter the fast growing and profitable anti-aging market. Products/Services: include a complete line of anti-aging products based on our exclusive ingredient Amino-Plex. Tel: 800-499-1372; Web:; E-mail: .

Boston Jojoba Company: Boston Jojoba grows jojoba seed on its Arizona farm. It sells the extract of the seed, world-wide, to massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, aromatherapists, schools, spas, resorts, retail health stores and manufacturers of professional and personal care products. Products/Services: Expeller pressed HobaCare Jojoba (100% Pure). HobaCare Jojoba is certified organic. Tel: 800-256-5622; Web:; E-mail: .

Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skin Care & Cosmetics: The premier line of Skin Care, Facial Foundation, Bath, Body and Spa products is currently celebrating 60 years of proven results. Contains pharmaceutical and natural grade ingredients. The Gerda Spillmann line carries the prestigious "Swiss Crossbow" symbol of quality and excellence. No animals are harmed in the production of Gerda Spillmann products. Products/Services: Complete line of Skin Care, Facial Foundation, Bath, Body and Spa Products. Professional Back bar sizes available. Tel: 800 282-3223; Web:; E-mail: .

Green Valley Aromatherapy: was founded in 1995 and enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. Our team includes trained aromatherapists who are keenly aware of purity and quality issues. Their attention to detail ensures consistent, highest quality products and ethical business dealings. Our research into new products, suppliers and health information makes us responsive to changes that occur within the industry. We are committed to providing you with top-quality products sourced from around the world. Products/Services: Over 85 therapeutic grade, pure essential oils, carrier oils and bases, Retail Ready line, All Natural skincare line. Tel: 877-572-7662; Web:; E-mail: .

Khepra Skin Care, Inc.: All Khepra Skin Care products are based on the study of ancient Egyptian healers, who were some of the first to use the art of aromatherapy and the blending of essential oils to provide healing benefits. These ancient healers were renowned for their seemingly magical balms and ointments, many of which were blends of natural beeswax and certain rare essential oils. This is the basis for nearly all Khepra products. Products/Service: Khepra Foot Balm, Khepra Oasis Breeze Massage Therapy Lotion, Khepra Nefertiti's Touch Massage Therapy Lotion, Khepra Unscented Massage Therapy Lotion, Khepra Egyptian Aura Massage Oil, Khepra Essence of the Nile Massage Oil, Khepra Unscented Massage Oil, Khepra Skin Therapy Créme, Khepra Cuticle Oil, Khepra Foot Spray. Tel: 800-367-9799; Web:; E-mail: .

O'Malley & Potter: Help alleviate pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, stress, and more. Augment your body/energy work with lotions formulated with therapeutic quality essential oils. Claudia O'Malley's pain relief products developed from her own need to find relief from fibromyalgia symptoms and its related disorders. As she discovered the "remedies" she made for herself gave more relief than the prescriptions from the doctors, she shared these lotions with others, and soon a clientele was formed, and then a thriving business. "Feel-Good" Products/Services: Muscle Relief, "It Hurts Everywhere" Relief, Stress-Headache-and-Bodyache Relief, Inflammation Relief, Blue Magic, Fluid Retention Relief, Myofascial Release Relief, Synergy blend Inhalers, and much more. Newly added "Pamper" Products include: Perfume, Body Oils, Body Powders, Milk & Honey Lotions, Shea Body Butters, and Bath Salts. Please go to our web site for detailed information regarding use, and product ingredients - all pure and natural - no alcohol or petroleum products. Tel: 425-788-8174; Web:; Email: .

Performance Health: Tel: 800-Bio Freeze; Web:

Thermal Comfort Inc.: Tel: 866-660-WARM; Web:

If your company offers products or services to the massage profession and would like to be listed in "What Are My Choices," please contact Massage Today at 800-324-7758.


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