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November, 2003, Vol. 03, Issue 11

Feedback on Insurance Issues

By Vivian Madison-Mahoney, LMT

This month, I felt it might be inspirational to share a few of the many comments I receive about my articles. Many readers expressed thanks for my article, "The World of the Injured Worker," ( and my understanding for their pain and problems with the "system."

Dear Vivian:

I am a lieutenant on the Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department and a veteran with 26 years of service.

Your article, "The World of an Injured Worker," hits the nail on the head! The progression of care (and lack of it) has been my concern for many years. I had the fortune of being cared for by healers like you during my deployment to the Oklahoma bombing incident. The care given allowed me to work well beyond what my injuries and pain would have normally allowed. I thank you all again for that.

- Manny

I am an RN that sustained a severe cervical/thoracic job injury. I am fighting the Texas workers' compensation system and have written to state representatives, medical examiners, etc. My neuromuscular therapist gave me your article about injured workers. I would like a complete copy to give to my doctor, a DC. I have had the same thing happen to me with the IME doctors. I plan, at some time, to rewrite the Texas Workers' Compensation Act and submit it in favor of patient rights, not insurance company rights.

- T

Thank you for the article on the steps an injured worker will face in workers' compensation cases. Yes, I was one. It would have helped to know the various steps I would go through. By the way, I have referred two Internet groups involved in disability and illness, and recently sent [the article] to an environmental specialist office at a conference on environmental illness. Great article.

- Lynne

The following letter is in response to my article, "Fees" (

Dear Vivian:

I have enjoyed your articles in various publications over the years and credit you with my original education in the subject of insurance reimbursement. I honor you in all my classes as the pioneer of our profession in this subject. I have written a book on the same subject and have tried to follow your lead through the years. I respect the intent set by you in integral billing. I am a practicing therapist and love my profession, and wish to elevate it to its rightful place in health care. I understand that some therapists have the tendency to overbill. This overbilling could definitely hurt our profession. I agree that, as teachers and writers, we have an obligation to promote an average range of fees proportionate to functional outcome (results) within our scope of practice, and to what is reasonable and customary. Our profession is delivering a paradigm shift in what "value" truly is. I congratulate you in your efforts to lift all of us. Intention is the key. Thank you for what you do, and I hope to support you and our profession in this matter.

David Dolan, LMT

Thank you one and all for your replies and comments!

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