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October, 2003, Vol. 03, Issue 10

Yup, You're the Boss Now!

By Perry Isenberg

Lots of people dream of owning a business, while some actually go out and start one! It's a scary venture with no guaranteed income. Most of us opt for staying at a job where someone else calls the shots and pays us regularly.

The security of having that paycheck every one to two weeks has its merits: You don't have to worry where it comes from, just as long as it is in your hands on time. But if working for somebody else isn't making the grade for you anymore, or if you are feeling restless and can't see yourself in the same job a year from now, maybe having your own business is for you!

The Entrepreneurial Type

The entrepreneur is a different breed of businessperson. Self-motivated and in constant, perpetual motion, entrepreneurs take advantage of opportunities they encounter - and yes - they even look for opportunities where seemingly none exist. These folks can pull things off effortlessly, or at least make it seem that way. When they have a dream, they pursue it; they are passionate about what they do. Does this describe you?

Being your own boss gives you certain freedoms. It allows you to call the shots, and makes you responsible for the good (and bad) things that happen to your business. Perhaps you have given this a lot of thought, or maybe you don't know where to start.

Have you ever asked yourself what might motivate you to start your own business? Perhaps you do not want to work for any more nasty bosses, or do the nine-to-five grind; perhaps you want the challenge of embracing the unknown.

Do you feel passionate about a future endeavor? Are you prepared to fail? Being on your own requires hard work, and often, giving up life's little pleasures, like sleeping in on the weekend. Your hours may be irregular, and you may not see your family as much as you would like. This could go on for quite a while. What are you willing to give up to run your own company?

Before embarking on such a journey, ask yourself if you are willing to work long hours, and sacrifice time with family and friends. Will your loved ones be supportive of your new venture? Believe it or not, they, too, will have to make sacrifices to help you with this new business. How will you pay the bills? Are you willing to sacrifice making the same amount of money as you used to? It's possible that there may not be any money in the beginning! Do you have a savings, or nest egg, to help you through the tough times? Do you have a network of support to lean on if you find yourself in a bind?

Have you done your research, developed a marketing plan and done all of the other preliminary work necessary for starting your business? Remember, you can't ask for raises. You have to do it all by yourself! Simply put, your business will become your every waking moment until it becomes successful.

Being in business for yourself can be very rewarding. It's not always about the money, although that could be the end result. It's the pleasure of taking an inspiration or dream, and making something of it. It is the absolute satisfaction of knowing that you can do this for yourself and your family. It will eventually allow you certain freedoms with how you spend your time. You might also have employees making their livings because of your dream. What a wonderful way to share! So, enjoy the excitement of the entrepreneurial spirit and ownership.

Yup, you're the boss now!

Until next time, be healthy, be good, and stay focused and motivated. Feel free to e-mail me with your entrepreneurial dreams! I would love to read them.

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