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Massage Today
September, 2003, Vol. 03, Issue 09

Are You Moving in the Right Direction?

By Rebecca J. Razo

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.

- Henry David Thoreau

Well, I've made it through my first four months as the new managing editor (am I still considered "new" after this amount of time?) thanks in large part to our editor, Cliff Korn; Massage Today's outstanding editorial team; and especially my predecessor, Peter Crownfield, who has patiently taught me the ropes.

Peter has done a great job managing the publication, and I look forward to picking up where he left off by continuing to ensure that Massage Today stays the leading resource in the industry.

In July, I started making a few small improvements to, one of which included posting an inspirational quote on the site's home page each month. I selected Thoreau's quote to start this tradition for a number of reasons: It is moving and motivating; it is an ambition to which all people should aspire; and it has become my personal mantra.

Several months ago, I was at a fairly low point in my professional life when one of my closest friends gave me a notebook with this quote written on the cover. It served as the inspiration and wake-up call I needed. I had just been laid-off from my previous job, and had serious doubts about the direction my life was heading. I am happily married; but despite my husband's support, I felt alone and confused. Worst of all, I began to question my dreams. Suddenly, the very things that had kept me afloat were starting to feel lofty and ambitious, intangible, and even selfish.

I had set my sights on a career in publishing for a long time, but never pursued this dream because I was afraid of failing. Instead, I sought out comfort and safety in lieu of the things I really wanted. Don't get me wrong. Comfort and safety are good things once you have turned your dreams into reality; but before that happens, they can be dangerous hindrances. I certainly wasn't going "confidently in the direction" of my dreams. If anything, I was running away from them as fast as I could. It took me hitting bottom for reality to set in: I had one shot at this life and up until that point, I hadn't been doing a very good job of maximizing it.

Fast-forward a few months later to my arrival at the managing editor's desk of Massage Today. I had taken a leap, and landed with both feet facing forward. I never knew I could feel such a sense of pride, accomplishment and satisfaction in coming to work every day.

One of the ironies of my situation is that my husband has been a massage therapist for over 10 years. Although I have always encouraged and supported his desire to make a difference, I never once dreamed that one day, I, too would be involved in this vibrant profession. It seems the timing of my involvement couldn't have been more perfect. These are exciting times to be a massage therapist. The opportunities for growth and development are endless! I am all too happy to be in this position where I can support your efforts to make this profession the very best it can be.

What Are Your Dreams?

Are you living the life you've imagined? Perhaps you want to own a clinic or spa; maybe you are interested in conducting massage research, or are passionate about lobbying on behalf of the massage therapy profession. Maybe you want to teach classes, or mentor others; perhaps you want to learn new modalities, or simply master the ones you already know.

Whatever your dreams may be, big or small, you have the power to make them happen. It may take six months, a year or 10 years, but does it really matter how long it takes? We are not in a race or competition (although it may feel like it at times). We have not failed if we aren't where we think we should be in our lives, nor have we failed if the road to our dreams is bumpy, if we come to a crossroads, or if we lose our way every now and then; rather, these things are all part of a much bigger journey - one I hope you will embrace.

I encourage you to take a look inward and ask yourself if you are moving "confidently in the direction of your dreams." If you are, good for you! Keep moving in that direction! If not, ask yourself why. Have you lost your way? It's time to re-examine your road map. Have you shelved your dreams? It's time to bring them out, dust them off and begin thinking about how you can turn them into your reality.

- Rebecca

I'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions for Massage Today, or you just want someone to share your dreams with, please drop me a line at or by regular mail to the following address:

Massage Today
Attn: Editorial
P.O. Box 4139
Huntington Beach, CA 92605


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