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July, 2002, Vol. 02, Issue 07

Foundation Fundraiser Highlights CranioSacral Awareness Month

By Editorial Staff

An April 28 charity casino and jazz tribute at the Jupiter Beach Resort in South Florida honored Dr. John Upledger, DO, OMM, and raised $30,000 for the nonprofit institution bearing his name.

Bob Lynch, Dr. John Upledger, Dr. Lisa Upledger and Virginia Kraftsow.
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- Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark"> Upledger Foundation board member Bob Lynch, Dr. John Upledger, Dr. Lisa Upledger and Virginia Kraftsow join a chain of delighted tribute guests loosening up with shoulder massages. A host of distinguished attendees, including guest speakers Mary Ellen Clark (former Olympic medallist in diving); pediatric cardiologist Dr. Andrew Fryer, and former U.S. Senator Berkley Bedell, shared stories of their experiences with Dr. Upledger and the benefits they've reaped from giving and receiving CranioSacral Therapy.

The fundraiser marked the end of "CranioSacral Therapy Awareness Month" (CSTAM), launched several years ago by the Upledger Institute. CSTAM was officially recognized on March 6, 2002 when the Florida Senate passed Senate Bill 2398, designating April as CSTAM each year. At the bill's passing, Dr. Upledger emphasized the importance of the resolution for the massage profession: "By heightening public awareness of CranioSacral Therapy and its benefits, we're better poised to help people on a broader basis and regain their greatest potential for health and well-being."

Johnny Moore, Eric Laakso, Ed McCabe, Joey Cornblit, John Wilkinson, and Mike Mitchell. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark The Upledger Foundation Nancy Schaeffer Memorial Golf Classic kicked off Sacral Therapy Awareness Month. Participants included (left to right):Former San Antonio Spur Johnny Moore (basketball); former Miami Dolphin Eric Laakso (football); Tournament Chairman Ed McCabe; former Jai Alai player Joey Cornblit; Upledger Foundation board member John Wilkinson; and former San Antonio Spur Mike Mitchell. Other highlights of this year's CranioSacral Therapy Awareness Month included The Upledger Foundation Nancy Schaeffer Golf Classic, attended by a variety of professional athletes and other celebrities. According to the Upledger Foundation, the event was organized to "bring greater awareness to the role of CranioSacral Therapy in addressing debilitating disease and dysfunction."

The Upledger Foundation, established in 1987, is a nonprofit organization that conducts research, provides community-outreach programs, and offers financial aid to those whose health care needs may respond well to complementary care. Among its most recognized programs is "Compassionate Touch for Children," a cooperative endeavor between the foundation and schools throughout the U.S. and the world. The program promotes positive behavior and decreased aggression in children by teaching them how to use gentle, healing touch on injured classmates.


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